Couple Shares a Fun Way to Choose a Spot to Travel in Viral TikTok Video

When you see a TikTok-approved method to do something, you know it’s time to try it out! For all the travelers planning their next trip, here’s what Eva Machado has got for you in her viral TikTok video. It’s an easy and fun way to select your next vacation destination, without much hassle. No more long debates and discussions, just play the game and start planning!

The Selection Process

In a recent video post, nurse and TikTok user Eva Machado showed how she and her husband picked a spot for their next trip. The duo played a fun game, in which both of them pick three places each and write them on pieces of paper without letting the other see them. The conditions are: one has to be within six hours’ driving distance from their house, one has to be in Canada or the USA, and the last option has to be any international location. Then they put all six pieces of paper in a hat or a glass, shake or shuffle them hard, and start to pick out the options individually. The last remaining option becomes the winner.

The Viral Video

The viral TikTok video showcased the couple’s trip-planning session. Their first destination of choice turned out to be San Diego, which both Eva and her husband suggested separately. With two San Diego options in the glass, the Southern California city still had a chance. The next location was Montreal, followed by Richmond. Both locations were the drivable destinations of the couple. Next, it was Croatia that failed to make it to the final round. That meant the two remaining destinations were San Diego and the second international option. While Machado’s husband slowly unfolded the penultimate paper to find San Diego written on it, it was clear that the pair would be heading for an international trip. The last piece of paper revealed the location to be Spain, and the couple cheered happily!
Will you try it out?