Mexico Debuted the First Section of a New Train, and It’s Incredible

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Mexico has just introduced the El Tren Maya, aka The Maya Train, which stretches for 290 miles and connects the Yucatán peninsula’s archeological sites. As if that weren’t enough, there are plans to expand the track another 600 miles. Learn everything there is to know about this epic journey, here.

The Reason for the Maya Train

Professor of anthropology at the University at Albany SUNY, Marilyn Masson, explained that the new train isn’t just for promoting tourism. Masson said, “There is a large section of the interior of the peninsula that doesn’t have highways or roads. In the more remote sections, the train could potentially help these communities be better connected to the outside world.” Masson’s point is highlighted by the fact that the train has sole access to certain landscapes across Campeche, Chiapas, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and Yucatán.

The Experience

The Maya Train will have 34 stations across Mexico, including a stop at the famous Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá. Passengers will be able to purchase tickets in one of three classes – Xiinbal, Janal, or P’atal train. Xiinbal is the standard ticket, offering large windows to view the landscape. With Janal, passengers can enjoy a meal during their journey. While the P’atal train offers a sleeper car service.

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As of the time of writing, tickets range from $43-$68, depending on which class one opts for.