Patagonia’s New Vest pack Is a Great Addition to Your Travels

If you’re a hiker, then you must know how essential it is to find a good vest pack. Perfect compartmentalization, amazing support, material that can withstand the worst weather conditions, and much more are taken into consideration when buying a partner for your next adventure. Patagonia’s vest pack might just be the answer you’re looking for.

The Vest Pack

Patagonia’s latest creation is an 18-liter vest pack that can be your travel buddy. With a storage space double the usual, this vest has been designed in the most simple and functional way. It comes with one large compartment, four pockets in the front for small items on the shoulder strap, an external point for poles, a helmet, and an ice ax. Its special feature is a secret zipper pocket for you to hide cash and other valuables.

What Makes it Different

In addition to the size and many compartments, this bag is designed for longer trips where you might need a lot more than just a few gears. With the support of its additional elastic cords, you can pull a lot more weight than usual without any discomfort. In fact, you can fit in a sleeping bag or bivvy in it. This product has been tried and tested under rough conditions by the company and has definitely passed the test in carrying weight and offering ease in lifting, carrying, and running with it on a traveler’s back.

A Small Drawback

During testing, the only drawback that the adventurers found was how unstructured its main compartment is. At one point, it even became too hard for them to find the stuff they needed. Taking out things and putting them back was a task. Also, you might need a cover for the vest pack in heavy rains. Even though it comes with a weather-resistant DWR, it doesn’t really help much.