How To Travel Across Europe In A Campervan

Europe is a hotspot for many people with wanderlust looking to see every corner of the planet. Instead of hopping from city to city, why not try taking Europe in at a more leisurely pace in a campervan? This is our guide on how to travel across Europe in a campervan.

How To Travel Across Europe In A Campervan

Plan, Plan, Plan

You can just jump in your campervan and head around Europe, but you might end up getting a little bit lost. Set yourself a few destination goals, like getting to Barcelona in ten days, then Porto five days after that.

By giving yourself some targets, you’ll be able to plan where to stop in between the big destinations and here’s where you can really get planning. There is a lot of road between major European cities and landmarks, so do your research and take in as much as possible on the way.

After all, the reason you’re taking the campervan is so your vacation can be tailored exactly how you like it. Don’t begin your trip blindly, and have a good idea of where you’re going and what you plan to do to make sure you have plenty of memories.

It Takes Its Toll

There is one thing that most people driving around Europe often get stung by, the sheer number of toll roads. Finding out where the tolls are couldn’t be easier as all of that information is available online, all you need to do is know where you’re going.

Some routes will require you to get a ferry across water, so make sure these are up and running because some operate on a seasonal basis. Also, major cities in Europe are likely to have green zones, which will not allow your campervan in due to emissions.

How To Travel Across Europe In A Campervan

Ask For Suggestions

You can look into your trip all you want, but you aren’t going to beat local knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask the people you meet for recommendations of places to travel to. You should embrace the spontaneity of a road trip across Europe and see where it takes you.

Planning a trip across Europe in a campervan can be daunting, but it might just be the best trip you’ll ever have. There are hundreds of years worth of civilization to explore, and doing it by campervan means you’ll see more of it than most.