Travelers Are Using This Genius Waterproof Bag to Keep Their Smartphones Close — Even While Snorkeling

A Waterproof Bag

Traveling often requires constant awareness of the whereabouts of your valuable possessions. This becomes particularly challenging during beach vacations when you wish to indulge in water sports without constantly worrying about safeguarding your belongings on the shore. Fortunately, Amazon shoppers have discovered an effective solution to address these concerns. Behold the Bo Kai Lun Waterproof Pouch! This bag is an ideal method to protect your valuables from theft and water damage while you enjoy your travels. Here’s everything you need to know about the product.

The Design

The Bo Kai Lun waterproof pouches are specially designed to keep your belongings dry and secure, enabling you to immerse yourself in your vacation activities without constant apprehension. Equipped with a reliable sealable closure system, they effectively prevent water from entering the pouch. Some models may even feature a transparent window for touchscreen access or a convenient lanyard for easy portability. The sleek material guarantees a comfortable experience against your skin. Each pouch measures 9 inches by 6.7 inches, offering ample space for your phone, passport, keys, and more. You can wear the pouch around your waist or across your body with an easily adjustable sturdy nylon strap. These bags are crafted with high-quality materials and are recognized as Amazon’s Choice.



The Bo Kai Lun waterproof pouches are a stylish and fantastic addition to any warm-weather getaway. Each package includes two slim PVC pouches featuring a triple-sealed design, ensuring the utmost protection and dryness for your valuable belongings – even when submerged underwater. They are particularly ideal for snorkeling or swimming excursions, offering a secure storage option for your waterproof camera and other important items. Additionally, these pouches are designed to float if accidentally unclipped, providing an added layer of security. They are now available on Amazon at a discounted price starting from $14 for a pack of 2, reducing the cost of a single pouch to just $7.