West Virginia Introduces Amazing New Statewide Waterfall Trail

The state of West Virginia debuts a unique offering for travelers for this summer. The Tourism Department of the state government has opened a new waterfall trail, which connects over two dozen stunning cascades across the state. Intriguing, right? Let’s get to know more about this stunning summer trail of the “Almost Heaven” state.

The New Trail

Stretched across the state, the West Virginia Waterfall Trail connects a total of 29 waterfalls, including both popular spots flocked by travelers and lesser-known hidden gems awaiting exploration. As per the West Virginia Department of Tourism, the waterfalls on this new trail are just some of the prized possessions of the state, which boasts of more than 200 stunning waterfalls. Chelsea Ruby, the secretary of the department, invited travelers from around the world to go chase waterfalls in the state. She has also assured that each exploration of the waterfall trail will be rewarded with exclusive prizes, leaving the travelers eager to make a comeback visit again and again.

The Various Waterfalls

The trail includes the famous Blackwater Falls, a 57 feet cascading waterfall known for its dark amber-colored waters. Giving the fall its name, the distinct color of its water is dyed by red spruce needles and the tannic acid of the fallen hemlock. It also features the popular Sandstone Falls, which is a series of breathtaking falls sitting at over 1500 feet wide. All these falls are divided by a group of small cluster islands. Additionally, more offbeat waterfalls like the Finn’s Falls are also included on the newly opened trail. Finn’s Fall is located in the newly declared New River Gorge National Park. It has garnered its national park status only in early 2021. A hikers’ heaven, this new national park boasts a vast 53 miles of free-flowing whitewater, over 1500 climbing routes, and an interesting 12.8-mile-long system of interconnected trails for mountain biking.

Why A Visit To China’s Red Beach Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List

China is a hugely popular tourist destination, and it’s not hard to understand why. From the bustling tech-savvy cities to the ancient temples, this country is a melting pot of culture, advancement, and some delicious food to boot. Of course, you probably already have numerous Chinese destinations on your bucket list, but a visit to China’s Red Beach should certainly find its place onto that bucket list sometime soon.

Ravishing In Red

While China is rarely recognized for its beaches, it’s safe to say that the Red Beach is a seasonal phenomenon that puts the country on the map. This beach, located in Panjin, is not your average beach, though. Instead of seeing golden sands and aquamarine water, this beach is more like a red blanket on the ground.

An Incredible Phenomenon

What’s so amazing about Red Beach is the fact that this area only becomes this deep crimson red between September and October each year. That’s because this phenomenon is caused by a wildflower called Suaeda salsa, which grows in these wetland conditions. Throughout the year, this wildflower changes color as it grows. First, it grows light green before turning bright red later in the year. There’s around 18km of this flower along Red Beach, which ultimately causes this stunning blanket effect.

Paradise For Wildlife

As well as looking incredible, Red Beach is also a paradise for the wildlife that lives there. Much of the beach is closed off to the public, which allows the animals to thrive in this environment. From 260 types of birds – including endangered birds – to fish and other animals, it’s safe to say that Red Beach is one of the most spectacular places on the planet.

It may be a little late to enjoy what Red Beach has to offer now, but you should definitely add it to your bucket list for next year. After all, you can make up for lost time.