11-Month-Old Baby Embarks on an Extraordinary Adventure With His Parents

The Story of Baby Atlas’ Grand European Journey

While many couples might hesitate to embark on international travel with a newborn, Becs Lewis and Will Montgomery decided to flip the script. Becs gave birth to little Atlas in August of last year, and instead of traditional maternity leave, the couple hatched a daring plan – a European road trip. Will took a sabbatical, and the couple and baby Atlas set off from their home in Queenstown, New Zealand, on an ambitious journey.

Traveling Milestones

As baby Atlas traveled, he accomplished an array of milestones on foreign soil. He mastered crawling in the picturesque landscapes of Switzerland, saw his first tooth emerge in Norway, and savored his first taste of solid foods in the heart of France. The trio also made a poignant stop in the UK, allowing their extended family to meet Atlas for the very first time.

Navigating the Challenges

Traveling with an infant had its share of challenges. While Becs had previous solo travel experiences at 18, she noted that traveling as a family requires a heightened focus on safety as well as a notably different pace of movement. Nevertheless, the joy of witnessing Atlas’ growth and exploring the world together made it all worthwhile for them.

23 Countries and Counting

23 Countries and Counting

Becs and Will purchased a Fiat Ducato van to facilitate their globe-trotting endeavor. This trusty vehicle became their passport to explore 23 different countries, starting from the cultural hubs of Italy and Austria to the serene landscapes of Slovenia and Croatia. The couple maintained a strict budget for food while indulging in the occasional fine dining experience. Baby Atlas’ journey offered him a unique opportunity to explore 25 countries worldwide, all before celebrating his first birthday.