Delta Tightens Rules For Passengers Flying With Pets

As more people consider pets family members, those who want to bring their furry friends with them on vacation have vastly increased. It’s become increasingly common to find pets in a variety of places where they once would have been forbidden. One of those places is on an abundance of airplanes.

Delta has recently updated their rules regarding flying with pets after they saw an 84% increase in “incidents” last year. Now, in order to fly on Delta, passengers will have to present their pets’ vaccination records at least 48 hours before departure, as well as certifying that their pets are trained well enough to handle a flight.

The change comes after Delta flights have been plagued by pet incidents, some of which include going to the bathroom wherever they see fit, while in flight. Not only that, but the airline has shared that there have also been worrying incidents of aggression, including biting on a number of flights.

In a statement issued by a company representative, they told CNBC, “Customers have attempted to fly with comfort turkeys, gliding possums known as sugar gliders, snakes, spiders, and more. Ignoring the true intent of existing rules governing the transport of service and support animals can be a disservice to customers who have real and documented needs.”

In order to bring a pet on board, passengers will have to bring several documents assuring Delta that the animal can behave appropriately on board, which will also require the passenger’s signature. The airline will also be placing limitations on how many pets one passenger can bring with them.

As tempting as it may be to bring Teddy with you, sometimes it’s better for your pets’ well being if they aren’t subject to the rigors of air travel. No one wants their beloved fur baby in the cargo hold, so you should try to drive if you can, or invest in a trustworthy pet sitter to keep them safe while you’re away.

Jimmy Fallon Asked for the Dumbest Family Fights & We Can Relate

Happy Birthday?

Thanks to social media, keeping up with relatives’ birthdays has been made simple. You no longer need to write their birthday’s down in your calendar – you receive a daily notification with a list of people’s special day. This may be one of the most awkward situations we’ve ever encountered. Mama, you best sit this one out, or better yet, maybe it’d be best if you continued writing birthdays in your calenders…

I Doooooo… Not

Everyone knows that when you get engaged, your family is most likely to give their opinion on how the wedding should turn out. Most rom-coms are based on this very scenario – unwanted family members judging the main character’s choices, more often than not, passing judgment on the bride’s choice of groom. What happens when there is no groom, to begin with? What is there to fight about? Camille, girl, we’re so sorry you had to endure this!

All That Is Left – Is Right

We’re not sure we’re going to be able to enter a house the same way ever again. We’ve heard of superstitions when it comes to walking on a plane, but a house?! Never! We wish we were there, and we want to hear every side’s arguments. Were they sitting around a table as they fought, or were they standing outside the door waiting to come to an agreement before entering their home?

Cough it Up!

Well, this is awkward. We’re happy Megan’s family is taking the use of generic syrup seriously. We’re no Dr. Phil, but we’re not sure that yelling at her was the way to go. We know if it had been us, we would never admit to buying generic syrup. We can’t help but wonder, who’s syrup was it? Was the culprit sitting there yelling at poor Megan?

You Look Great, Honey!

Usually, family grudges that last more than a couple of months are centered around money or assets. This recurring family fight revolves around something a little different. This twitter user claims that the root of every family argument for the past 40 years is a poorly drawn portrait of himself. Yes, you read that right – it isn’t a bad photograph, it’s a drawing! Why don’t you simply just take it down?

You Look Great, Honey!

Don’t Be That Guy

Every family has its own “natural medicine guy” – the one that is constantly saying, “drink water, it’ll pass in no time,” or, “you just need to do some yoga.” You either resonate with this kind of lifestyle or want absolutely nothing to do with it. What happens when you live in a household when one person swears by supplements and the other, well the other…is your mother?

Oh, Canada!

Bringing up politics is an easy way to ignite family feuds. Just one word and a calm, peaceful family dinner can turn into your worst nightmare. It can be interesting to hear your family members’ opinions, and most of the time, everyone is on the same page. Then again, there seems to always be those two stubborn cousins that go at it for hours…

A Fight a Day, Ensures the Doctor Will Stay

Thanks to the internet, we have all become self-proclaimed doctors. We couldn’t count the number of times we have diagnosed ourselves and loved ones with the flu…and got it completely wrong. Plastic surgery, on the other hand, is a little tougher – and although we don’t think we could ever perform surgery, we’re confident we know what plastic surgery looks like…

Ok, Boomer

This is a true “Ok, Boomer” moment. We understand that our parents’ generation is fixated on the fact that all of our attention is now focused on screens – but it’s simply not true. If anything, we’ve acquired the talent of holding a face to face conversation, while texting. That is much more than there is to be said for the Baby Boomers – who can barely make their way to the television without ruining anything…

Beatles, Who?

To be honest, we’re not sure why this Twitter user didn’t just disown her sister after this fight. We know its hard to believe that Paul McCartney could have been anything before he was in Wings, but um, last time we checked, he, along with three other pretty talented musicians, defined music the way we know it today.

Daddy Day Care

Who knew a two-year-old could shut you down using just five words? We don’t think we consider this a fight, Michael’s son ended this conversation using one sentence, and truth be told, he is probably completely unaware of it. He knows what he wants, and he’ll do whatever he needs to ensure it happens. Believe us when we say – this kid is going places. Talk about a clap back.

Christmas Quarrel

You know those fights that start as something small and snowball into years of anger and hate? We’re guessing this is what happened here. We bet that Melissa’s husband and his brother jokingly fought over the ugly Christmas star – and that at some point, this brotherly brawl turned into a serious argument. Not talking to someone for 15 years over something this silly seems ridiculous to us. We’re sure one day and regret all this lost time…

A Lazy Teacher’s Answer

It’s no secret that kids have quite an imagination. Just take Twitter user @SellecksM and his cousin, for instance. While we can understand how’d they stop playing with each other for a while over some silly debate, we can only hope that they’ve reconciled and since moved on considering that they’re both grown men now. It turns out that @SellecksM’s cousin had been to the zoo with his class when they saw that the storks were able to roam free. The kids got curious as to why they didn’t fly away. Apparently the teacher’s answer was — they’re robots.

Unused Gifts

There is nothing more heartbreaking than going to someone’s house and seeing that they haven’t used a present you gifted them. We can’t tell if this gift was a joke or not, considering it is a pretty pricey one. We wonder if he loved his mother in law, or can’t bear the sight of her. Whatever the reason behind this gift may be – we hope they made amends out before she actually had use for it.

In the Wrong

You know when you’re in a heated argument, and you put the blame on the person you’re fighting with –  you’re absolutely sure they are the culprit? What usually happens is, you eventually understand that you’re wrong, and even though you have this understanding – you’ve convinced yourself you’re right. You’re so deep in your own lie, and it’d be too embarrassing to admit you’ve been wrong the whole time.

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number

Getting called names is never fun – especially when it’s by your relative. When you’re getting picked on, you can choose to act in one of two ways. You can either take the high road and decide that you aren’t going to let their words get to you, or you can stoop down to their level. But what would you do if it was a five-year-old calling you silly names?

Good Luck, Chuck

There is something about professional sports that really gets the best of people. Reading this tweet, we can say that we kind of understand the concept a little better, but are still a little confused about why someone would not talk to their sibling because of a game. We understand the momentary anger, but five years?! Guys, grow up!

72 Hours

You know that feeling you get when you ask someone to do something, and they disregard you? It’s somewhere between anger and disgust – a feeling we can’t put a name on. Reading this tweet, we know that this mom was experiencing those exact feelings. We feel like this is a legitimate response to her continuous request. Our only question is – what happened after the 72 hours that they made up? Who caved first?

Mother May I, Prove You Wrong?

Competitiveness is healthy – to an extent. We feel like this is the only scenario in which we agree you should try proving your mother wrong. Needless to say, Gillian and her brother have our support on this one. You gotta do what you gotta do, especially when it comes to stubborn mothers. If you can’t beat them – prove them wrong! We really hope Gillian and her brother won this one…


It’s weird enough when your siblings date people you went to school with – so imagine what Amy must have felt when her mom told her that she was going to marry Steve. We can just picture this Steve – the high school jock, who probably thought he was much better than everyone else. For that same reason, it comes as no surprise that Steve expected recognition on Father’s Day.

Battle of the Grandparents

Getting caught in the middle of someone else’s fight is a tough place to be in – especially when it comes to your grandparents. Who’s side do you take if you have no idea who is telling the truth? We’re happy that after all those years, grandparents still fight over silly things like lettuce. Who knows, maybe this is the secret to a happy marriage – arguing over the little things?

The Dog House

We’re laughing out loud to this one – it hit way too close to home. We can all relate to at least one of our parents calling another family (or even us) by the wrong name, going through the whole family’s names before they finally get it right. We’re surprised that Kathleen’s brother wasn’t the one who held a grudge against their mother – although if we’re honest, Winston is a great name!

A Couple’s Quarrel

Why one would ever think to pronounce “argue,” “are-you,” is beyond our comprehension. But, it seems like Tara’s husband has gotten away with it his whole life…until he met Tara. Luckily for him (and possibly her), there are enough words to swap in and out when trying to describe an argument. Isn’t it ironic that the word they are arguing over is, in fact, argue?!

Pop Goes All Your Dreams

The best way to shut down a fight is to take away what the people are fighting over. Perhaps that was exactly what Megan’s sister was attempting to do? Little did she know that her actions would cause an even bigger argument – a silent war of sorts. Maybe that was her sister’s masterplan, to begin with? She wanted the kids O-U-T and knew exactly how to make sure they left!

Sweet Greens

Of all the things kids could fight over – this seems like the sweetest. Usually, kids fight over who wouldn’t get the last piece of the steamed veggie, but it seems like their mama raised them right – teaching them always to eat their greens. We could just imagine these two little boys, yelling at each other over who deserves the last piece of broccoli – both most likely mispronouncing it – “bwoccoli.”

Happy New Fear

Some people’s New Year’s resolutions are to take things less personally, to learn how not to get upset at the slightest inconvenience. Not this Twitter user’s father, he used the special day to pick the pettiest fight. We get that its kind of gross to receive a glass that has had someone else’s fingers in it, but this is a little too unimportant to turn into a full-blown fight, don’t you think?!

And The Oscar Goes To…

Let it be known that we have never met anyone who knew how to pronounce the actress’s name accurately. Yet somehow, whenever anyone says Saorise’s name inaccurately, everyone knows who the topic of conversation is. We wonder if either of them said her name right. If so, please give us a call, we need someone to teach us the proper pronunciation of this star’s name!

Evening Food Meal

We’ve seen a lot of silly arguments in our day – but this might have the rest beat. Why argue over something when both answers are right? Supper and dinner are both perfectly acceptable ways to refer to the meal they are synonyms. It seems like the argument over the words may have been a cover-up for something much, much deeper. These parents were probably so into their fight – they failed to notice their children had left.

Not-So-Happy Meal

Are siblings even considered siblings if you don’t pick stupid fights with them daily? Yea, we didn’t think so. What happens when you receive the same happy meal toy, but one is scratched? If it were us, we would battle until there was one remaining toy left – and it was in our possession. Amber’s father had no choice but to do what every father would do if they heard a fight about such nonsense…

The Word Splits Into Two

There are two types of people in the world – the kind that pays for Netflix, and the kind that binge watches television series while using their friend’s accounts. We’re not ashamed to say we’re a part of the latter group. We’re guessing that Amber’s brother and wife are too. They were giving off hints of Netflix bums way back when DVDs were still a thing. The warning signs were all there…

The Apple Falls Far From the Tree

It’s hard convincing our elders that they are, how do we put this lightly, utterly, and completely…wrong! It’s not like you wanted to pick a fight with them in the first place, you didn’t even want to be right! It’s just, they are convinced that what they are saying is correct, and anyone who is to defy them is deliberately doing so to make them feel silly…

The Longest Trip to the Beach

There is something about our parents behind the wheel that brings a whole new meaning to the word “stubborn.” We’re not sure if its the fact that they may be in denial of us growing up and understanding a thing or two about the direction. Or the fact that they just cannot admit they are wrong when it comes to something as simple as getting somewhere…either way, it has us shaking our heads and rolling our eyes.

Perspective Is Everything

You know those subjects that have always been there but that you’ve never thought about and the moment they come to mind you can’t unthink them? It becomes somewhat of a spiral – the thoughts cannot just simply disappear, and in some extreme cases, it’s all you can think about. Well, for us, this is one of those instances, we’re sorry that this turned into a family fight, but on the other hand, this is a pressing matter that needs an answer, and we will not rest until we come to a sound conclusion. Clockwise or counterclockwise?!

Clapton vs. Beethoven

Can you argue over who is a better artist if they didn’t even create music in the same era? How can you compare two of the most influential musicians – each changing music in their own way? In any case, we would have loved to be a fly on this family’s wall, hearing each side’s claim on why they think their artist is the greatest. Well…what’s the verdict?! We’re dying to know!


We think that bacon tastes good on everything (it does – fight us on that). We’re not sure if we would hate it if someone were to force us to put bacon on all of our food, but we understand how dumping tomato sauce on all your food may get a little tedious, especially when it comes to breakfast foods. Pancakes and tomato sauce? No, thank you! Pancakes and bacon, on the other hand…

What Came First?

In Tatum’s defense – their father definitely should have taught them how to make a sandwich long before Tatum started using Twitter. Just the thought of jelly on bread before the peanut butter has us perturbed. Everyone makes sandwiches differently, slicing bread in different directions and adding that special touch that makes your favorite sandwich – yours. This is one of those things where there is just no other way to do it other than the right way.

A Proper Brawl

Most of our family fights are over what movie we’re going to watch after dinner, or who’s turn it is to wash the dishes. This is some next level, fancy fighting going on. Rod even went as far as to call it a brawl! For those who don’t know, a charcuterie board most often consists of a variety of meats and cheeses, often paired with fruit or nuts. We want to know the answer – is a Triscuit considered a charcuterie cracker, or not?!

Mirror Mirror, On the Wall

We’re going to admit that we laughed at loud to this one. It’s somewhat of a mystery to us – how can someone declare who is the better-looking twin when it comes to identical twins? We’re sure that at the end of the day, the things that differentiate them are the small nuances and the way they hold themselves. We’d like to see for ourselves, maybe there is a better-looking twin?

Lights Out

“Well that escalated quickly…” is probably what everyone in this household was thinking when Angel and her father started fighting about candles. For the record, why should it even matter who bought what candles? We’re also wondering why someone would keep candle receipts? Are we missing something here? Was there a candle seminar we slept through? It seems like there was more than mere candle fire to put out here!

Burger Queen

Let’s be real, the real crime here is leaving Burger King in the fridge. Girl, you cannot leave an unattended burger in the refrigerator and hope no one takes it – of course, someone is going to eat your Burger King! It would be a travesty not to – the poor patty and bun getting all soggy waiting for your arrival. If anything, your sister did you a favor – you deserve to go out and buy yourself a new burger.

Team Player

In case you are wondering what a team player is, we will present to you the exact opposite in the next tweet. A father said that if a zombie apocalypse comes, he will abandon his family, and he will save himself. That is a cool dad, right? This was one of the dumbest family fights for a family because of this dad. Eventually, things didn’t go as expected with his wife, who wasn’t very thrilled to hear this from her husband.

Holding Grudges Is Not Okay

A brother held a grudge against his brother for a long time because when they were little, his brother told him that nickels are worth more than the dimes. Eventually, after he grew up and learned how to count the money, he wasn’t so happy to see that his brother fooled him for such a long period. Apparently, the man is 36 years old now, and he still didn’t forgive his brother for what he did to him.

Who Is The Real Culprit?

A dad was accusing his son of something that he didn’t do. More specifically, the reason for the fight was that the dad accused his son that he knocked his Eagles CD off the shelf on that day, and apparently, he never did that. After a long argument, they realized that the nephew took a photo earlier that day, and they’ve been able to see the perpetrator – it was the cat! They’ve lost a few hours arguing for nothing.

Invisible Man?

A man told his family that he is going to pretend to be invisible because he got mad that he didn’t get any tickets for the Jonas Brothers. Apparently, he pretended to be invisible for over a week, and his family didn’t even acknowledge where he was. He must live in a funny family, right? This is one of the dumbest things we’ve ever heard of, which a family can fight for over a week. We hope he will get tickets in the future.

Grumpy Dad?

Apparently, this son got into an argument with his dad because when he was a kid he couldn’t understand how Harrison Ford could be both Indiana Jones and Han Solo. The dad got upset because his son told him that he is too old to understand how the movies are working. Let’s hope that things are better now, and they get over the argument that happened more than a few years ago. The dad understood the situation, and he’s over the argument.

Dunkin Fight?

A guy tweeted that his mom and sister had an argument about which Dunkin Donut is better in their hometown. Apparently, his mother is banned from the store that she doesn’t like, and she’s having a feud with his sister about this. Let’s hope they’ve baked cookies since this happened and all shared the cookies like a happy family. Is this the right choice or not?

Easter Cookies Gone Wrong?

When you first cook at your S.O.’s parent’s house, you need to make sure that you don’t do anything wrong. This guy baked cookies with his wife for her nephews and did something wrong: they ate the cookies outside, and apparently, his father-in-law didn’t love it because they got crumbs all over his grass. Let’s hope they’ve baked cookies since this happened and all shared the cookies like a happy family. Is this the right choice or not?

Being Colorblind?

This family had an argument because of the couch’s color, and they can’t decide if the couch is green or blue. They refer to the couch as the “downstairs couch” because they can’t decide its color. Deciding the color of your couch can be a difficult thing to do if it’s unclear, but let’s hope that they’ve moved on and are enjoying their couch as we speak. It must be fun, right?

It’s My Window

Sharing with your siblings can be quite difficult as a child. Nonetheless, it’s quite funny to imagine that you have to share the car’s window with your sibling. In fact, we’re pretty sure that the cat wasn’t really upset about the time change, but was rather questioning when his meal will be!

Cats and Daylight

Pets have a rightful place alongside family members, but this might be one step too far. Arguing whether the cat would be confused regarding daylight savings could be a bit beside the point. In fact, we’re pretty sure that the cat wasn’t really upset about the time change, but was rather questioning when his meal will be!

Inter-generational Dispute

We all have our preferred television series – the show we’ve stuck with through thick and thin. It makes sense that one would feel the need to defend their television show’s honor at all costs. That being said – one would think that family puts their differences aside when it comes to family, even more so when it comes to Christmas dinner! But nope, granny and great-granny went hard – so hard, Christmas dinner was canceled.

It’s Raining Frogs

Our grandmother used to tell us crazy stories, the kinds of stories that would make us run, and brush our teeth out of fear they may eventually fall out. As adults, we now understand that every grandmother has their methods of getting her grandchildren to do what she wants by scaring them into it. We can’t wrap our minds around the meaning of this white lie…any guesses?!

Regi Osmand

We’d be lying if we were to say we never thought about marrying our favorite celebrity – Jake Gyllenhaal if you’re reading this – we still love you (call us?!) Thankfully, we never had to fight out siblings when it came to our celeb crushes. We’re also thankful our mother never yelled at us about our unrealistic wedding fantasies. We’re sorry, Regi, we’re sure if Donny had to decide – he’d pick you!

Go to Jail!

In a media-centered era, it seems like the only way to bring everyone together is to throw it back and have a board game night. What better way to bond than a good ol’ game of Monopoly, right? Well, according to this Twitter user – the best way to break up a family is to whip out the classic board game. If you’re looking to pick a fight with your family, the instigator may be waiting for you in your cupboard.

What Do you Meme?

In all honesty, we’ve seen better memes in our day. The laugh-factor of this meme is probably not the reason Jordan’s mother burst into his room screaming – although if she understood anything about memes, she’d probably agree this one is below average. This below-par meme could be interpreted to us as a cry for help – you need to step your humor game up, man!