Get The Perfect Island Snaps With Your Very Own ‘Instagram Butler’

Ever been frustrated that your friend or family member doesn’t know your good angles or can’t get the camera to focus? Well, there is a solution to the problem and The five-star Conrad Hilton hotel in the Maldives has introduced a new service to help guests get that perfect Instagram picture.

The ‘Instagram Butler’ is a photo-savvy member of staff who promises to find the perfect places for guests to take pictures and guide them through ‘Instagram Trails’ which offer the most exquisite backgrounds and stunning scenery.

instagram- butler

The luxury hotel is situated on the island of Rangali and the picturesque atolls and unique restaurants around the hotel provide the perfect addition to guests’ social media accounts. The Maldives is such a picture perfect place and guests can get the optimum shot through the help of these Insta experts.

instagram- yoga

For the artsy hotel guest with a passion for photography, experts can guide their photos through the magical sunset time, something that has been renamed “golden hour” by the millennials. Everything from the camera positioning, to phone setting and filters can be taught by the butlers and the finished piece has some incredible results.

Some of the most impressive shots including those taken in the exclusive and one of a kind undersea restaurant named Ithaa, as well as taking photos on a dolphin cruise, an island tour or a snorkeling or diving excursion.

instagram- sunset

In addition to the Instagram butler, there is also a yoga specialist who can assist guests in posing in the most attractive positions to post on their social media accounts. Although it sounds rather ridiculous, the results are actually very impressive.

While most middle-aged adults would most likely shun the service in favor of snapping raw pictures with family and friends, this is certainly something that would attract social media addicts.

If your followers didn’t already have vacation envy, they will definitely have Insta-envy!