This Is When It’s OK to Leave a Bad Tip

Leaving a Bad Tip

Tipping at a restaurant is a norm that you have to follow. But that doesn’t mean you can’t bend the norm whenever necessary. While a tip is a right of a server, it should be earned, not taken for granted. You can abide by the 20% rule or exceed that if you can, but leaving a bad tip often tags you with the title of a lousy tipper. But don’t worry, there are a few situations in which deducting from your server’s tip is absolutely okay.

When You Had to Swallow Mistreatment

If a server indirectly or explicitly insults you about anything, you can deduct from the tip without a second thought. The mistreatment can range from your clothes and appearance to your dialect and choice of order. Now, servers are not so foolish and they often won’t go for mistreating a customer to their face. But if they throw any snide remark or a smirk at you, avenge with a lousy tip.

When You Had to Stomach Apathy

When You Had to Stomach Apathy

We often give the server the benefit of the doubt, but sometimes they don’t deserve it. When a particular request goes unfulfilled, you can attribute it to the server’s forgetfulness. However, needing to repeat the request several times in vain indicates that your server just doesn’t care or is not interested in serving you. As a server, this kind of apathetic behavior often results in a lesser tip and it should be so.

A Pet Travel Kit Can Make Life on the Road Incredibly Easy

Getting on the road with a dog can be quite similar to traveling with kids. You’ll likely need to pack the car, plane, train, or bus with all of their favorite toys, some pet hair brushes, paw wipes, kibble, and more. People say that the key to staying organized when on the road is to get a dedicated pet travel kit.

Dog travel kit

A Dog Travel Kit Should Have It All

There’s a pet and dog travel kit out there that is complete with everything you need and the options are endless. The ideal one should come with a travel bag that has multiple pockets, sleeves, water bottle holders, separate compartments to organize and mark everything, and even some extra accessories such as collapsible water bowls and food containers.

The pet travel bag that you choose should have enough storage and also be practical. Some of the most popular ones out there can fit all kinds of items – from large pet hair brushes to jars of treats and more. Some bags come with adjustable straps that even make them easier and more comfortable to carry. The food containers or food container bags should sometimes be able to hold up to a week’s worth of kibble while also keeping the food fresh.

A Multipurpose Bag to Keep Things Organized

Going on the road with your dog couldn’t be easier when you have a multipurpose travel kit for your pet. The bags are oftentimes roomier than most people expect them to be and their compartments and accessories tend to surprise many people as they hold enough food for larger dogs.

Multipurpose Dog Bag

Pet travel kit users have even stated how much they’ve managed to simplify their traveling by using their favorite pet travel kit while on the road. It keeps all your dog’s essentials in one place, and you don’t have to juggle everything or search endlessly for what you need.