This Is What the Plane Seats of the Future Might Look Like

You probably don’t need us to tell you that the aviation industry has been vastly affected by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. With countries closing off their borders, flights being canceled, airports being shut, and people being much more reluctant to travel, it seems as though the aviation industry will never be the same. In fact, this is what plane seats of the future might look like.

This Is What the Plane Seats of the Future Might Look Like

Back in the Air

Although it seems as though many people are starting to understand what life can be like in a coronavirus world, there’s no doubt about the fact that everyone is warier of their actions. Trips to the grocery store are much quicker and much more efficient, online shopping has seen a drastic increase, and restaurants have had to cope with take-out only options. It’s been fairly easy for many industries to come up with solutions to make things safer for their customers, but it’s been a little trickier for the aviation industry.

This Is What the Plane Seats of the Future Might Look Like

Planes of the Future

Of course, there is going to be a time where people have to make their way back onto an airplane again — but who is going to want to sit next to a complete stranger for hours on end? With a potential threat of coronavirus still raging when flights get back to normal, passengers are going to want to feel comfortable as they board the plane.

Because of this, a company by the name of Aviointeriors has come up with a couple of solutions for plane seats. The first is called the “Janus,” and features a two-faced row of seats. This way, social distancing is possible, without taking up too much extra room. The second option is called “Glassafe” and features transparent cocoons attached to the top and the sides of the plane seat, creating a safe haven for the flight.

So far, Avionteriors have patented their designs and are ready for production.