Universal Resort Has a New Universe Debuting in 2025 and it Looks Epic!

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Universal Orlando Resort is in the process of creating a new universe, consisting of five different worlds, which is set to debut in 2025. Universal Epic Universe will feature Celestial Park, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter — Ministry of Magic, How to Train Your Dragon — Isle of Berk, Dark Universe, and Super Nintendo World. Each world will have its own dining, shopping, and attractions. Read on to find out more about what will surely be your new go-to vacation spot.

The Worlds

According to a Universal representative, the Harry Potter world will be “where guests will discover a different era of the wizarding world in an all-new land that blends 1920s wizarding Paris from Warner Bros. Pictures’ Fantastic Beasts films with the iconic British Ministry of Magic from the Harry Potter series.” As for Super Nintendo World, it already exists in both Japan and California, both of which serve as the blueprint for Orlando’s version. Of course, Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach will all be featured. The representative spoke about How to Train Your Dragon ­­— Isle of Berk saying, “Guests can soar with dragons in a colorful world filled with Viking adventures based on the wildly popular How to Train Your Dragon film franchise.”

More Adventures

The upcoming Dark Universe may not be for the faint of heart, as Universal teases it’s “where guests encounter everything from the experiments of Dr. Victoria Frankenstein to the shadowy landscape where monsters roam in a world of myth and mystery.” As for Celestial Park, it’s slated to be the center of the entire Epic Universe, with gardens that will serve as portals to each world. Guests will be able to “wander through lush living gardens nestled along shimmering waters surrounded by stunning architecture inspired by astronomical and mythological elements.” Celestial Park will also feature roller coasters, a carousel, a wet-play area, fountain shows, and restaurants.

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We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for 2025!