5 Weird Museums in the USA That Are Truly Bizarre

When we think of museums, the general images that come to our mind are of towering buildings brimmed with ancient artifacts, fossils, or artworks of renowned artists. The world is full of such great museums that’ll definitely leave you in awe. But inquisitive minds always have room for the incredibly unusual. If you know where to look, you’ll find utterly bizarre museums that are dedicated entirely to obscure and unique topics in the world. These intriguing museums ignite a wonder, unlike anything. Not to mention, they’re much more fun to visit than general museums! Not sure where to start? Don’t worry! Just follow the list below and start with the best and weirdest museums in the USA.

Roswell UFO Museum (Roswell, New Mexico)

A haven for all UFO enthusiasts out there, the Roswell UFO Museum was established back in 1991, the time ripe of all alleged UFO and alien sightings. The followers of the UFO news circuit know well that the debates and discussions on extraterrestrial life have only gotten more intense in recent years. This fascinating museum has everything in store to quench your UFO-related thirst, from proofs of sightings to information on curious conspiracy theories.

Spam Museum (Austin, Minnesota)

Yes, there’s an entire museum dedicated to jiggly salty canned meat. This impressive spam museum features the largest collection of remarkable ‘spiced pork artifacts’ in the world. In its sprawling compound of 14,000 sq. ft., there’s historic information on the origin of spam, a simulation of the spam-making process, and even a cool SPAM-themed playground for children. You’ll surely dream of spam after this trip!

Museum of the Weird (Austin, Texas)

There are very few places like the Museum of the Weird that can leave you scratching your head! True to its name, this museum is chock full of oddities, like paranormal findings, mummies, shrunken heads, and several other ‘freaks of nature.’ The biggest draw of the place is the frozen iceman. Austin, Texas is famed for its ‘keep it weird’ character, and this museum is one of those attractions helping the city to maintain that persona.

Coral Castle Museum (Miami, Florida)

This weirdly magnificent castle was erected by Edward Leedskalnin, a bizarre man himself. Barely five feet tall, yet weighing nearly 100 pounds, he somehow managed to build this castle all by himself, without any helper and modern machinery. Made from three million pounds of heavy oolite coral, the castle took almost three decades to complete. The persistent man also built other coral structures and statues at the Coral Castle museum campus.