3 Ways to Brew the Best Coffee

If you are a true coffee fan – then you can’t imagine your mornings starting without it. It’s like a sacred ritual – that helps you kickstart your mornings. A short horror story for any coffee lover: talking to people before having your morning brew. Speaking of brew – there are many ways you can go about brewing your morning coffee – and we have listed down the three best ways to make your coffee and some easy hacks for making it.

The Best Methods for Brewing Camp Coffee


Instant coffee is the best option for when you are in a hurry to start your day and need a cup of joe to set things in motion. It’s an easy and messless way to brew your coffee. All your need is your instant coffee mix, water, and milk. Thanks to small brands dolling out coffee in small batches – you can now have good-tasting coffee without the effort.

Best for people in a hurry and limited time on hand

Drawbacks It mostly tastes like instant coffee.

Brewing tips Try different brands before you settle for one.

Cowboy Coffee

It’s like a middle ground between instant coffee and perfectly brewed coffee like a French press or a pour-over. For this, take a spoonful of coffee grounds and put it into your pot. It’s easy and does not require any other equipment.

Best for People who want to find a middle ground, don’t want to compromise on taste but don’t have time to go all out.

Drawbacks the grounds, if not perfectly brewed, will stick your teeth.

Brewing Tips start with boiling water – once boiled, remove it from the stove and add grounds. Stir it for a while and cover it for a while. When you uncover, sprinkle some cold water to settle the grounds.

French Press

If you like having an elaborate morning ritual that gives you that perfect flavorful coffee – then this is your method. It has multiple steps and requires you to carry and own a french press.

Best for people who can’t compromise on coffee

Drawbacks Messy process and cleaning up is a nightmare.

Brewing Tips: Start by adding water and coffee to the press, now stir the mixture in brisk motion, then steep for 5 minutes, then push the filter to the bottom in a slow motion. Your coffee is ready for serving.

The Most Remote Destinations and How to Travel to Them

Many of us want to feel like explorers when we travel the world, but even remote places are crowded with tourists. We’ve found the most remote destinations on Earth, and here’s how to travel to them.

The Most Remote Destinations and How to Travel to Them

Oymyakon, Siberia

Residents of Oymyakon, Siberia, know a thing or two about surviving in the cold. It’s known as ‘The Coldest Town on Earth,’ and with temperatures dropping well below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s easy to see why. The town gets so cold practically every day that it’s not possible to access it by plane, and instead, you must make a two-day drive.

Pitcairn Island, South Pacific

Pitcairn Island is found in the South Pacific Ocean, but it’s actually a British territory. There are only 50 people living on the island, and the United Kingdom government is actively asking citizens to move there. The only way to access the island is by ferry, but your reward will be lush green hills, clear blue water, and tranquility.

The Most Remote Destinations and How to Travel to Them

Tristan da Cunha

This is the most remote inhabited island in the world, with only 297 people living on the volcanic island. The coast of South America is over 2,000 miles away, while South Africa is 1,700 miles away. The island is remote, and to enjoy such a quiet location, you will need to take a seven-day boat ride. There are no airports, hotels, or even restaurants on this island, so it’s a survivalist’s paradise.

Kerguelen Islands

There is a reason why the Kerguelen Islands are also known as the ‘Desolation Islands.’ The islands have no original inhabitants and are typically only occupied by 50-100 French scientists. The only way to make it to the island is by ship, and that only departs four times per year, so you have to get planning your visit!

It’s still possible to visit places in the world that few people have been, and these remote destinations won’t be overcrowded.