The Campfire Version of the Classic Apple Pie is Differently Delicious!

Along with all the adventures and exploring, one of the most quintessential camping experiences is roasting food over a campfire and enjoying hot delicious treats under the starry sky. Don’t limit your camp-food imagination with marshmallows on a stick and hotdogs. Surprise yourself and your fellow campers with the camp version of a classic dessert- apple pie on a stick.

Apple Pie and Variation

Be it a warm summer evening or a chilly fall night, the sumptuous flavor of ripe apples and warm spices baked all together is the classic favorite in its own right! There are various camping-friendly dehydrated versions of apple crisp are available in the market. But nothing beats the fresh warm taste of the desert, when you get your hands a bit dirty, even on the road. Substituting a crust with a readymade option and sliced pieces with whole roasted apples, this easy shortcut camping-friendly version of the classic delight is nothing short in taste and feel.


• Rome or Jonathan Apple, minimum 1 per head

• Granola, ½ cup (Optional)

• Granulated sugar, 1 cup

• Cinnamon powder, 1 tablespoon

Steps to Prepare

• Combine granulated sugar and powdered cinnamon.

• Push a stick through the core of an apple until it is secure on the stick. Add another one or more depending upon the length of the stick.

• Place the apples 2 or 3 inches above the fire. Turn the stick periodically while roasting. As the apples cook, the skins would be started to get browned and juice would be dripping slightly.

• After the skins get loose, remove the apples from the fire, but leave them on the stick. Carefully peel off the hot skins.

• Then roll the apples in the cinnamon sugar and roast them again over the fire, until the sugar mixture forms a warm glaze all over the apples.

• Finally, remove the apples from the hit, and roll them in the granola, if you prefer a top layer of crust. Let them cool a bit, then just bite in!

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