The Concord Taco Trail in California Invites You on an Epic Taco-Tasting Adventure

If a taco is your idea of the ultimate feast, head to Concord, California! Tucked in northeastern San Francisco, this small city is one of the greatest taco hot spots in the world. Celebrating the same, the city has created a unique Concord Taco Trail for tourists to savor the wide range of taquerias.

The Taco Trail

The Concord Taco Trail’s itinerary features 40 deliciously authentic and family-owned restaurants and taquerias within the city. More interestingly, many of the trail’s stops offer authentic regional variations of Mexican cuisine with traditional family recipes passed along through generations. Some of them are — Mercado Del Sol and Tortilleria El Molino, both serving Michoacan-style dishes, Jalisco specialists El Yahualica and Salsa Mexican Grill, and Taqueria Autlan offering Yucatan delicacies.

The Selection Criteria

The in-depth official website of the trail informs us that the selection of potential venues to be featured on this trail is quite serious. According to the website, venues must meet three specific criteria to become an official Concord Taco Trail stop. They must be located within the city limits, the primary business of the venues must be Mexican cuisine, and they must not have any other locations or a very small number of locations only. Also, being true to their authentic roots, the trail doesn’t include any national chains or international joints located in the city.

Exploring the Trail

Taco enthusiasts can explore the trail in two ways. The first one is the old-school method of creating a self-guided personalized tour with a printed map of every stop on the trail. The second is the high-tech process of acquiring the Concord Taco Trail passport. These “passports” are directly sent to the phones of the holders after they complete the free signing-up process. The passport is the entry card for a curated collection of the best venues along the trail, with a few of them offering exclusive discounts to passport owners.

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