Where to Find the Best Noodles in All of Asia

Asian cooking has introduced many different foods to the world, but the region is perhaps best known for its noodles. While the humble noodle is pretty common everywhere, if you want the best of the best, then these places in Asia are where to go.

Where to Find the Best Noodles in All of Asia

Chow Mein – Hong Kong

The chow mein noodle is a staple for many people getting Chinese takeout. Instead of being boiled or added to a broth, Chow Mein is fried, which gives it its unique texture. They are versatile and can be made alongside a wide range of ingredients. The best crispy style Chow Mein in Asia can be found in Hong Kong.

Flat Rice Noodles – Thailand and Vietnam

Flat rice noodles are the ones you would typically find in a Pad Thai, and they are some of the most comforting to eat. Their flat style means they glide into your mouth, and they are used in many dishes across Asia. To prevent them from sticking, they are brushed with oil after steaming.

Where to Find the Best Noodles in All of Asia

Ramen – Japan

Japan loves ramen, and in certain parts of the Asian country, noodles are even considered gourmet. Sure, you can buy a cup of them for less than a dollar, but what makes Japanese ramen so tasty is the broth. There is even a Michelin-starred ramen restaurant in Tokyo.

Plain Noodles – Shanghai

Plain noodles are the basis for all other styles, and they often play a supporting role for bold broth and sauce flavors. This noodle is made with wheat, and once they are shaped, they don’t require any other preparation. Some of the most popular dishes in all of Asia that use plain noodles are found in Shanghai, and they have to be tasted to be believed.

Noodles come in many different shapes and sizes. The versatile dish is a favorite all over Asia, and these places are where to find the very best versions of our favorites.