5 Delicious Street Foods To Try In Barcelona

There’s a reason why so many people travel to Barcelona every single year. In fact, there are many reasons. This Spanish destination is the perfect mix of beach vacation and city escape and offers everything from impressive architecture to flamenco dancing and more. Of course, no European adventure would be complete without trying the traditional street food, and Barcelona is no different.


Visit any street food market in Barcelona, and you’ll find these little balls of deliciousness. Croquetas are perfectly crunchy and gooey at the same time, and there are so many different flavors to choose from. You can always guarantee they’re going to be cheesy, though.


You’re probably going to wear your bikini on the beaches of Barcelona, but you can also try one out when you’re done. That’s because this dish is a sandwich named after a famous nightclub in the city, and is very similar to the Croque monsieur we all know and love. With a Spanish twist, of course.

Patatas Bravas

You knew these were coming, right? One of the best things about this traditional Spanish dish is the fact that every chef cooks them differently – and the street food vendors in Barcelona certainly know how to make these as delicious as they come. Who knew that potatoes in a sauce could taste so good?


We’ve all heard of a sandwich, but we’re gonna go ahead and assume that you’ve never tried an Entrepà before. This dish is more than a sandwich and can be found across the street food stalls and markets in Barcelona.

Tortilla De Patatas

No, this isn’t a tortilla you dunk in your bean chili. This tortilla de patatas is something much tastier and is normally made using potato, egg, and onions. It can normally be found on every tapas menu out there, and at every Barcelona street food stall.

There’s no need to go hungry in Barcelona.