The Top 10 Foods You Must Try When Visiting Spain

Planning a visit to Spain anytime soon? Here is a guided list to the the top ten foods you must try on your visit.

1. Gazpacho

The summer must have is, the blended mixture of tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, bread, peppers and cucumber. So delicious and refreshing, Spaniards are found drinking this out of glasses and bowls, and you are never short of finding a jug on a counter in any tapas bar.


2. Paella

The most traditional of Spanish rise dishes is the paella. With ingredients accompanying rice include chicken or rabbit, saffron, runner beans and butter beans, and is a must have dish on any visit to Spain.


3. Tortilla Española

The simplest of dishes, but not to be mistaken as anything short of amazing. Eggs, potatoes, and onions are all you need, and you can make something out of next to nothing. This Spanish omelette goes perfectly with chorizo, spinach and zucchini.

4. Gambas al ajillo

This aromatic dish will draw you in just from it’s smell alone, and you are sure not to be disappointed when you decide to then taste it. The mixture of garlic, green chili and olive oil thrown together on top of prawns is the simple, yet delicious meal.


5. Tostas de tomate y jamón

Looking for a quick lunch to make, than this is just it! By just getting thick pieces of toast and spreading garlic and tomato over them, as well as pouring olive oil and topping it off with jamón, you have a classic Spanish meal.

6. Patatas bravas

With tapas found all over the country, you are sure to find all versions of the chunks of friend potato on many Spanish streets. In Madrid, the sauce is made with sweet and spicy pimentón, olive oil, flour and stock. There will never be tomatoes, but some people add garlic to give it that extra bit of taste.


7. Pollo al ajillo

There is no going wrong with garlic chicken, and when the garlic is added with rosemary, thyme and some wine for that extra taste, you have yourself a winner. However one decides to make it, you are sure to hear it is the best around, but there is no definitive recipe for this popular dish.

8. Cochinillo asado

In Segovia, the fairytale castle or spectacular cathedral may attract the tourists, but the real secret is the Conchinillo asado, meaning roast suckling pig or lamb. The special dish is cooked in a huge wood-fire oven, and can be cut with an earthenware plate since it is so tender.

9. Pisto

Most typical across La Mancha, South of Madrid, the Spanish version of ratatouille is most likely to be ordered as a starter, or is great as a side dish too.


10. Turrón

The Spanish term for almond nougat, Turrón is eaten during the Christmas period but is available for consumption all year round. Spaniards love to devour massive amounts of the locally-grown almonds mixed with honey and egg white, so be sure to try it out.