10 U.S. Restaurants Make the List of the World’s 50 Best Pizzerias

A slice of pizza can do wonders for your mood. But sometimes, finding a good, authentic pizza can be a task. Recently, Big 7 Travel, a travel site, revealed its annual list of places where you can find the most delicious and authentic pizza in the world. And the best part? 10 of these pizzerias are right here in the US.

The World’s Best Pizza

According to the list, the world’s best pizza is served at 10 by Diego Vitagliano, a restaurant in Naples, Italy. Along with the delicious, delicious food that they serve, they are pretty good for another thing: the prices of the dishes will not put a major dent in your pocket. Not even a single pizza on the menu will affect your budget by more than $10.60. The culinary experts at Diego Vitagliano use only the best and superb-quality seasonings. But sadly, it was the only Neapolitan restaurant on the list.

The Remaining Pizzerias

Ken’s Artisan Pizza Place from Portland, Oregon, stood in second position on the list. The third restaurant on the list was Peppe Pizzeria in Paris, France. The restaurant that made it to the fourth position on the best pizza place list was The Good Son in Toronto, Canada. As per Big 7 Travel’s review, Seu Pizza Illuminati from Rome, Italy, offers the 5th best pizza you can try. Pizzeria Bedia, a pizza place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also has some of the best pizza options available for you. The next restaurant on the list was 48h Pizza e Gnocchi in Melbourne, Australia. If you are in Belgium and craving some pizza, now you know which place to visit; La Pizza è Bella in Brussels. The last two on the top 10 list were Via Toledo, Enopizzeria; Vienna, Austria; and What the Crust, Cairo, Egypt. There were a lot of other pizza joints from the U.S. that you should try at least once; the entire list is available on the Big 7 Travel website.