A Ten-Year Travel Veteran’s Best Travel Tips

Christy Woodrow has spent the last ten years traveling all over the world. She runs a blog called Ordinary Traveler in which she details her travel experiences.

These are her biggest travel tips to those looking to expand their horizons and see new places.

Stay Flexible

The only thing you should plan for while travel is for something to go wrong. When it does, stay calm, and you will be able to pivot to something new and exciting easily.

Learn Simple Phrases In The Local Language

Going to a new place can be scary. Most of that fear comes from communication gaps between you and the locals. Learn simple expressions like “thank you” and “excuse me” to ease your adjustment. Knowing how to say “beer” or “bathroom” never hurts either.

Travel Insurance Is A Must

You never think you need insurance until you do. Do not let an accident lead to insurmountable medical bills. Protect yourself and never think about it again. Woodrow suggests World Nomads insurance.

Bring Copies Of Important Documents

The last thing you want when you are thousands of miles from home is to be stranded away from home. Bring a copy or two of your passport with you and avoid a headache and financial hit that could come with lost documents.

Carry Extra Underwear With You

After a day of wandering aimlessly, you might find it necessary to change your undergarments. Especially in transit, it is a great idea to bring an extra pair around with you. You never know what you will encounter that could require a change of underwear.

Keep Expensive Items In Your Carry-On

If you are traveling around with medications, electronics, or jewelry, consider lugging it around in your carry-on. Whether leaving a larger bag behind or checking it for a flight, we would hate to see you lose your important belongings.

Free Wi-Fi Doesn’t Mean Safe Wi-Fi

Without a phone plan or using data, Wi-Fi can be your best friend. Stay clear of searching for your bank details on public Wi-Fi. You don’t want anyone to hack your information.