Airline Employee Reveals Airline Jobs With Awesome Travel Perks

When we think about airline jobs with cool perks like free flights, we typically focus on the jobs of flight attendants and pilots. But one TikTok user has recently changed this common perception by making a video of some lesser-known careers in aviation, which come with the same awesome benefits.

The Video

Megan Homme, an employee of United Airlines, recently took to TikTok to share information about all different current openings at the company, many of which are clearly not limited to those on an aircraft. Homme, who works in talent acquisition at the company, stated that every single one of those jobs comes with either free flights or other flight benefits, often similar to those of more prominent roles like pilots or flight attendants.

The Jobs

According to Homme, United Airlines hires UX designers and lawyers in a ton of roles in IT and engineering, audit specialists, interns, consultants, and many more. The company also offers huge numbers of jobs as ramp service employees. Some of these employees even enjoy a sign-on bonus of up to $10,000. Homme also added that there are also provisions for remote jobs, which can be a relief to those who dread commuting to an office regularly. Homme herself is currently working from Palm Springs. She said that the company also hires a lot of analysts and supervisors, and recruits in engineering and talent acquisition. The most interesting fact is that the applicants don’t need any prior airline experience for any of these jobs.

The Confirmation

United Airlines’ official website has recently confirmed Homme’s claim by stating that the jobs in their company come with great perks, like discounted airfare to any destination and unlimited standby travel. Additionally, there are other benefits too, like healthcare options, professional development, a 401(k) match, etc. The airline is currently hiring for over 100 vacancies in different positions across the country and abroad.