The Real Reason Blake Shelton Ended Things With Miranda Lambert

Blake Shelton is considered one of the top stars in contemporary country music. Aside from his incredible popularity as an artist, he is also a well-loved judge on The Voice. He’s had slightly less success in his personal life, especially his highly publicized divorce from Miranda Lambert.

Relationship History

Blake had walked down the aisle a total of two times, but neither of those marriages worked out. He was rumored to be considering starting a family with Miranda, but they never got a chance. Here are some reasons why.

Work Flirt

Blake seems to be a fan of the high profile relationships, as his most recent flame is Gwen Stefani. Their relationship blossomed when Gwen joined The Voice as another judge. Neither expected to fall for the other when they started, however, an insider shared that they were “definitely flirty on the set.” Even before going public, this person knew something was up, saying, they have spent time together off-set. “They don’t want to label anything or define it, they just really like each other.”

Seeds Of Love

The budding relationship finally began creeping into their public appearances, and fans began to suspect there was something more than just a flirtation. In a joint appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that the two did in the fall of 2014, their lip-sync duet made it clear they had chemistry. A source from The Voice said, “The chemistry between them is off the charts. Everyone on set sees that Blake and Gwen are falling for one another.”

Tragedy Or Opportunity?

Unfortunately, both Blake and Gwen were already married to others when they began to fall for one another. Less than a year later, both filed for divorce. In timing too close to be coincidental, their divorces were finalized only a month apart from the other’s. While Shelton’s divorce from country singer Miranda Lambert certainly had tongues wagging, it was Gwen who earned most of the scrutiny, as she had three kids with husband of 13 years, Gavin Rossdale.

Gavin’s Outrageous Behavior

Gwen and Gavin’s relationship began over 20 years ago, when the two met in 1995. They dated for 7 years, before tying the knot in 2002. Trouble started early when Gavin discovered an unknown child he had with Pearl Lowe. Gavin had thought Daisey Lowe was just his goddaughter, never realizing that he was her father. His marriage to Gwen, however, seemed to be unaffected, and the pair went on to have three children on their own, the last of whom was born in 2014.

Gavin’s Denied This Relationship

In 1995, just before Gavin met Gwen, Boy George let slip that Rossdale was dating the androgynous singer, Marilyn, Peter Robinson’s stage name. Robinson capitalized off of his femininity, choosing the unisex name Marilyn to complete the effect. Rossdale had denied their relationship at the time, but after Marilyn dedicated a song to him in 2003, Gavin finally admit the truth. He said he had embarked on a brief tryst with Marilyn, and that their relationship had been “part of growing up.”

The Last Straw

Unsurprisingly, Gwen and Gavin employed some nannies in order to help them keep up with their children while they managed their busy careers. One of the women who worked from them, Mindy Mann, was caught in a clandestine romance with Rossdale when Gwen found some of their messages on the family’s iPad. The relationship had apparently been going on for years. Gwen said she was “mortified, livid, and embarrassed.” Her accounting of that year was “a year that was so full of horror- the worst, worst.”

Cutting All Ties

Gwen felt absolutely betrayed by Gavin and was determined to cut all ties. She put their house up for sale, feeling that every corner of the mansion, from the hot tub, to the theater, to the gym and outdoor kitchen were steeped in Gavin’s essence. Selling the house wasn’t the only thing. Gwen reverted to her maiden name, Stefani, which is the only name the public has ever known her by. Behind the scenes, she had been Gwen Rossdale since she’d married Gavin.

Divorce Diet

Gwen was not the only one who had a difficult time coping with divorce. Blake to seemed to undergo a physical transformation as well. When he appeared on America’s Morning Show, he had to address his new look. Though the hosts asked if Shelton had embarked on a new routine, he said it hadn’t been a conscious choice, but his slimmer figure had to do with all of the stress from his divorce. “I just stopped eating,” Blake revealed.

Turning Things Around

Despite the tragedy of Shelton’s divorce, he managed to bounce back rather quickly. Only a few months after things were finalized, Blake shared the he was in a “good place.” In an interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown, he divulged, “it’s amazing how quickly life can turn around for you.” There was more to his happiness than just moving past his divorce sadness. He said he “had some pretty cool things in recent times that’ve happened and [he’s] loving it.” It seemed likely that his excitement linked back to Gwen.

Letting It Slip

The press was onto the new couple, and the clues were easy to follow. Barely seven days after Blake shared that things were looking up, he was spotted in New York at the Four Seasons. Several minutes after, Gwen was spotted too. The ‘Gwavin” sightings became more frequent as they attended Jared Leto’s Halloween party together, even daring to hold hands. Though Gwen was keeping mum, it was harder to deny that they were getting cozy at Adam Levine’s party too.

Making It Official

It was time for the couple to come clean. They decided to make their new romance as obvious as possible by very clearly attending the Country Music Awards together in Nashville. People were talking, but only because Gwen only showed up to the after parties, which spectators said was to avoid Shelton’s ex. An insider corrected them, saying, “[Gwen] doesn’t care if Miranda’s there or not. She just didn’t have the right clothes for the award ceremony because it was so last minute.”

Not Everyone Was Happy

Blake was the breath of fresh air that Gwen needed in her life. He “made her feel good again.” It wasn’t just that they could have fun together, but that Shelton was also immensely kind to her. The new relationship was a complete 180 from her life with Gavin, whom Gwen described as a “control freak”. For his part, Gavin was not pleased with how Gwen portrayed him. A friend of his claimed Gwen “just didn’t let [Gavin] work. ” Either way, they clashed.

Christina Aguilera: No, Doubt

As it dawned on Blake that he had feelings for Gwen, he realized he didn’t know how to take their flirtation to the next level. Shelton turned to his friend, a former judge on The Voice, songstress Christina Aguilera. Aguilera for her part didn’t think Gwen would be interested and chuckled at Shelton for his wishful thinking. Once the couple had gone public, however, she admitted, “Everyone deserves to be happy, and I’m glad we’re keeping it in the family [of Voice co-stars]!”

Country Music Reactions

An unavoidable part of being a in the limelight is that everyone will weigh in on your personal life. Shelton had to have  wondered how his peers in country music would react, however. His ex-wife was among their ranks, but Gwen was a relative outsider as a pop-rock musician. Blake must have breathed a sigh of relief then when another popular country musician, John Rich supported the couple. He said, “I love Gwen Stefani. We all love her… happiness reigns at the end of the day.”

Wedding Bells?

Despite their previous marriages not working out, the couple doesn’t seem to be afraid to consider walking down the aisle again. Though they haven’t officially announced their engagement, marriage may still be in the near future. Gwen has reportedly employed a celebrity wedding planner, Jerri Woolworth. Blake has also left hints of his own, as his new song, “I’ll Name the Dogs” is about an older couple that gets married. He even featured Gwen’s three kids in the music video.

Adam Levine Feels Sick

Their Voice costar, Adam Levine, is not quite as thrilled about the intense romance of his co-judges. He commented on the two year plus relationship, saying, I see it every day. I have a pretty unique perspective on it, and it’s real, man. I’m so affectionate and gross with my wife- this is a whole other level of…vomit.” Levine continued his statement,  “They’re so in love it’s disgusting.” There is still something they want more, however.

Trying Hard

Although both Blake and Gwen have immensely busy schedules as they both continue to create new music, and have even started collaborating with one another, they have a more important goal as well.  The may have recently released a duet from Gwen’s new holiday album, called “You Make It Feel Like Christmas,” but both desperately want to have a child together. People who know them say it is their main focus, but that “they believe there is still a chance for Gwen,” even though she is almost 50.


In Touch Weekly has reported on Blake and Gwen’s attempts to have a child together, sharing that they plan to use IVF. Stefani is supposedly down to her “final embryos” and chances are slim that the procedure will be successful.  Nevertheless, the couple “believe[s] that God has a bigger plan for [Gwen], and that includes getting pregnant.”  Not known as particularly religious, the source reports that “Gwen has been relying on her faith more than ever.” She’s convinced the procedure will work.

Marriage In Jeopardy?

For all the reports saying that the two are on the verge of marrying, it seems they’ve delayed their engagement, even as they’re working hard to have another baby. It seems Blake just isn’t ready to propose after his last divorce. “Blake had hoped that time would ease the pain of the divorce … but sadly, it just hasn’t,” an insider shared with In Touch Weekly. More than two years may have gone by since his split with Miranda, but “Blake admits he’s still devastated.”

Rehab Lawsuit

Blake is still trying to heal the wounds of the past, but tabloids are still trying to hit him while he’s down. An issue of In Touch Weekly  put Blake on the cover with claims that he was going to rehab. Within the article, the tabloid included allegations that Blake had a severe drinking problem, supposedly starting on vodka first thing in the morning. Shelton was livid, and immediately sued for libel. The judge ruled in his favor, and the magazine was forced to settled with Shelton.

Blake’s First Big Love

Blake may have made most of his headlines for his marriage to Miranda Lambert and now, his relationship with Gwen Stefani, but it wasn’t his first serious relationship by a long shot. Blake’s first wife was a woman named Kaynette Gern. Shelton had met Gern when the two were in high school. At the time, Blake claimed he “knew Kaynette was the one.” Gern took on the role of Shelton’s road manager after their marriage, but the marriage only lasted three years.

Kaynette Picks Up The Pieces

Kaynette returned to their native Oklahoma after Blake’s “inappropriate marriage conduct” ended their coupling. To her dismay, Blake moved into a home with Miranda Lambert that was a little too close for comfort. Kaynette said, “It just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us.” She then began trying to sell every item connect to her marriage to Shelton, including her wedding gown, to no avail. She found happiness again, working as a math teacher and marrying Cody Joe Scheck, a well-known steer roper.

Unethical Thoughts

Blake has a history of falling for costars, given that he found Miranda when they performed together for CMT’s 100 Greatest Duets. Together they crooned “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma,” and Blake knew. “I was falling in love with her right there onstage,” he said. Unfortunately, Blake was still tied to Kaynette at that moment. He agreed that he was acting inappropriately. He shared he “was a married guy … standing up there going, ‘Man, this shouldn’t be happening.'” After his divorce, the two began a real romance.

The Second Mrs. Shelton

After a four year relationship, the old-fashioned Blake approached Miranda’s father about marrying her. A year later, the couple got hitched in Texas. Despite both being stars, they wanted a down home, country wedding. Miranda even wore her mother’s dress. Their nuptials were still a little out of the ordinary given that a fair number of their guests were other celebrities, like Kelly Clarkson, Katherine Heigl, Cee Lo Green, and Reba McEntire. Guests were served venison from a deer Miranda had taken on herself.

Missing Each Other

Both country stars were at the top of their careers at the time of their marriage, so they often found themselves separated by their work. Miranda was convinced that the separation enhanced their marriage. She shared that whenever she would get the chance to see Blake while he was recording the studio staff would say, “Blake’s been talking about you so much!” It touched Miranda that her new husband couldn’t get her off of his mind while she was away from him.

He Changed His Ways

Blake was quite preoccupied with his duties as a judge on The Voice, while Miranda was busy touring. Blake knew he needed to start putting his relationship first, however, and began to turn down offers he couldn’t also manage. “Early on in my career I wouldn’t say no to anything, because any little opportunity I got I thought might be the last one,” Blake revealed. “I got a wife now. I say no to the things that might not matter as much.”

A Bun In The Oven?

Naturally, people were curious if, two years into their marriage, they were talking about starting a family. Blake, however, seemed unprepared for the question, telling interviewers that they “[didn’t] have any plans on it. That’s kinda how [they] live [their lives]. If it happens one day then it happens and [they’re] not trying to make it happen or avoid it.” The comment seemed unassuming enough, but perhaps it was a sign that something was amiss.

Divorce Is Not An Option

In 2013, new rumors started floating about that Shelton had been unfaithful to Miranda back in 2013. The two took the claims in good humors, joking that it was nice to be “popular enough” to be worthy of such notice. Shelton tried to use it to publicize his new album. Lambert, however, shared that her parents worried. “My mom said to my dad, ‘Divorce is not an option.'” They would not be happy with what was to come.

Something Clearly Wrong

Miranda is an excellent performer who knows that the first rule of show business is that the show must go on. By July 18, 2015, however, she was unable to push through her performance. The concert was taking place at the Cheyenne Frontier Days in Wyoming. Miranda started getting choked up in the middle of “The House That Built Me” and she was unable to finish without the audience’s help. The song had been Blake’s but he gave it to her. On July 20, 2015, their divorce was finalized.

Poking Holes

After the dissolution of their marriage, there were numerous theories as to why it didn’t work out. One of the most unexpected reasons had to do with Blake’s dedication to The Voice. Miranda hated Los Angeles, and couldn’t get over Blake needing to spend the majority of time there. She would become lonely when she was by herself in Oklahoma. Blake didn’t seem to visit her often enough, even though she would fly out to see him. However, there was still more to the story.

Blake’s Accusations

It was Blake who chose to file for divorce after discovering an act of betrayal. According to TMZ, Blake somehow discovered that Miranda had been unfaithful to him multiple times. He seemed convinced of her guilt; that the allegation wasn’t just a rumor, so he went ahead with the proceedings. Dividing up their assets proved to be the easiest part due to their prenup, but after Blake demanded Miranda remove her animals from his ranch, Miranda countered with accusations of her own.

Turn It Around

Though Blake filed for divorce on the grounds of infidelity, TMZ reported that it was Shelton who had been unfaithful to Miranda. One of Lambert’s friends claimed that Miranda came out of the ordeal looking guilty only because Blake had a better public relations team. The source continued that Miranda was the one who had actually upheld their marriage vows, while Blake let his eye wander. There was clearly plenty of strife simmering under the surface of their union.

Kicking Her (Stuff) To The Curb

It’s never easy to divide a household, and quite often this is where all tensions come to a head. In his anger, Blake covered the porch of his Oklahoma ranch with all of Miranda’s boxes, as he wanted it out of the house immediately. He even threatened to send anything she left to the dump if she didn’t pick up the pace. She also had to quickly find a home for her beloved horses, llama, and camel, which he wouldn’t allow to remain.

Miranda’s New Guy

Miranda picked up the pieces of her broken heart by finding a new love. It wasn’t long before she started dating Anderson East, who is a young R&B artist. Photos surfaced of the two of snuggled up together while on a trip to Aspen, which Miranda captioned, “the snuggle is real.” Miranda has already been open to collaborating with her new beau, asking him to appear on her most recent album. For his part, Anderson has invited Miranda onstage to perform at his concerts as well.

Her Side Of The Story

Blake clearly doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to marriage, as he gave up on both his marriages to Kaynette and Miranda, which could be why he hasn’t yet popped the question to Gwen. On Miranda’s end, she’s happy with her new love, but has said that anyone who “want[s] to hear [her] side of the story or my opinion of what happened, it’s all on there.” Lambert was referring to her 2017 album, The Weight Of These Wings.

Awkward Encounters

It can be an extremely uncomfortable situation when you see an ex after a split. Even more so when you’re with a new romantic companion. Miranda attended the most recent Academy of Country Music Awards, with new love, Anderson. Blake was also scheduled to attend, however, oddly they didn’t meet face to face. Instead, Miranda began following Gwen on Twitter, but for what reason still remains to be seen. It could be that she’s moved on from their break up.

Adventures Of Blake And Gwen

Gwen and Blake are often showing off their myriad of travels on social media. Even when they’re not off adventuring, they frequently take her kids up into the mountains surrounding L.A, where they can hike or play on the shores of Lake Arrowhead. When they just want a day of pure fun, the happy family goes to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! Prior to dating Gwen, Blake had never visited the amusement park. He was even game enough to wear a button that read, “1st visit!”

Miranda’s Magical Birthday

Miranda hasn’t been wallowing in misery while Blake galavants around the world with Gwen and her kids. For Miranda’s 32nd birthday, she decided to make herself a real life fairy tale. She’s managed to cuddle up with a wide variety of exotic animals, but had always wanted to meet a unicorn. Just for kicks, she attached a painted horn to a horse named Sophie, and road around in glee. She had so much fun, it was almost like the divorce never happened.

Trouble On The Horizon?

It seems that Blake and Gwen are still well within the honeymoon phase of their relationship, but even the most stable of couples still have their issues to overcome. Blake may not have the best track record, but perhaps Gwen is really the partner he was looking for. On her part, she’s unfortunately had to contend with a lawsuit as several fans were injured after Gwen encouraged an audience to surge towards the stage at one of her shows.

Blake And The Kids

Blake admits that “The best part for me, selfishly, is discovering a part of myself that I guess I never really knew was in there. It’s definitely an instinct that kind of kicks in.” Shelton who doesn’t have children himself has realized he has a paternal side that was ignited by Stefani’s sons. Blake felt the awkwardness and didn’t know how Gwen’s three sons would have him in their minds and what his place is but now he’s totally fallen in love with them.

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