Her Dad Died Months Before Her Wedding, She Loses It When Her Brother Tells Her To Turn Around

Completely Lost For Words

When Andrea Stocking was on the verge of tying the knot with husband Luke, she couldn’t believe the huge curveball that life threw at her. Just months before the big day, her father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Sadly, he didn’t survive in time for her big day. This meant that the bride couldn’t fulfill her dream of dancing with her dad at her own wedding. However, her brother ended up lifting her spirits with a huge surprise…

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Falling In Love

We can trace the early stages of this remarkable story back to when Andrea first started dating her groom, Luke Stocking. Based on their social media profiles, it appears that Andrea and Luke have been together since 2011. And while their wedding sets the scene for this story, it merely acts as a backdrop for so much more. Of course, Andrea would have loved nothing more than for her father Mark to walk her down the aisle on her big day…


Tragic Loss

The build-up and anticipation to Andrea and Luke’s wedding day was overshadowed by the most tragic of events. On January 21, 2011, her father Mark Middleton, passed away after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer. Just like that, Andrea had lost her father and didn’t have him there to walk her down the aisle or to share the first dance with. Desperate to have had him in attendance on their big day, they couldn’t foresee the untimely event that would transpire just months before.

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Wedding Without Dad

Andrea always dreamt of her father being by her side and giving her away. Coming from a close-knit family, Andrea knew that she brought Luke into a clan that would always look out for each other, in good times and bad. With that said, the couple’s wedding plans were marred after learning about Mark’s pancreatic cancer and his subsequential passing. Knowing how important it would’ve been to her, Andrea’s brother Nick did some thinking and eventually came up with a plan…

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Her Brother Had A Plan

Having always had a strong connection with his sister, Nick was determined to make sure that Andrea’s wedding day was as happy and meaningful as possible. Knowing how much it would have meant for her to have her father there to dance with her, Nick knew what to do. “I had the thought to do something special to kind of fill the void that was going to be there for her special day,” he said. “I wanted to do something for her.”

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His Idea Went Viral

So Nick put his plan into motion and also managed to capture it on camera during Andrea’s wedding. However, the brother could never anticipate the impact the video would have on so many people after uploading it onto YouTube. Many users commented on how much the video inspired them. “I cried like a baby,” one user wrote. “This video is so touching and was a wonderful special moment for this bride and her family.” But what did he do?

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Sharing Their Story On TV

What Nick did for Andrea had such a huge impact online that the brother, sister, and her husband Luke ended up sharing their story on TODAY. While losing her father added to the gravitas of the moment, Andrea ultimately thanked Nick for his heartwarming gesture. “It’s really about the amazing gesture that Nick did. And it’s shocking every time. It keeps coming back.” However, Andrea had something surprising to say about the video that has, as of December 2018, received 28 million views…

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She Can’t Watch It Anymore

Ever since cameraman Michael LeFrance uploaded the video onto YouTube, Andrea admitted that she simply can’t watch it anymore. It just brings back too many overwhelming emotions. “I don’t watch it when people show it – and his mom likes to show it a lot,” Andrea said. “I leave the room. As soon as I hear Nick’s voice, the waterworks begin.” But what exactly was it that Nick did for Andrea that made her so emotional on that extraordinary day?

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The Father & Bride Dance

At many weddings, it is traditional for the father and the bride to have a formal dance together at some point during the reception. For years, Andrea and father Mark had dreamed of the day that the pair would dance together when Andrea would tie the knot. Seeing that she had met the man of her dreams and her wedding was just around the corner, Andrea was heartbroken when she realized that she wouldn’t be able to have such a dance…

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Remembering Her Sister’s Dance

What added to the heartache was that Andrea clearly remembered when her father danced with her sister at her wedding years prior. In fact, the family had a special connection to a typical song that is often used for father-bride dances – “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. “The significance was that our older sister Kristen had actually danced [to “Butterfly Kisses”] with dad at her wedding years prior,” Nick said. Now though, Andrea was unable to carry on this family tradition.

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The Story Behind “Butterfly Kisses”

It makes perfect sense to play the song “Butterfly Kisses” at father-bride dances because of the lyrics behind this classic song. Bob Carlisle wrote and recorded the classic number for his daughter Brooke when her 16th birthday came around. Moreover, Carlisle’s song Butterfly Kisses is specifically about the special bond between fathers and daughters. Before Andrea knew it, her big day had finally arrived and she knew she needed to stand tall to make her father proud.

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Her Big Day Finally Arrived

Needless to say, Andrea looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, and everything from the ceremony to the reception was planned meticulously and to a T. Regardless, nothing could bring back Andrea’s father. The wedding simply wouldn’t be the same without him. With that said, Andrea had her suspicions that her brother Nick had something up his sleeve. However, was he going to succeed in pulling it off? Or would his nerves get the better of him?

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Her Brother Was Shy

Everyone in Andrea’s family was well aware that Nick had had his fair share of stage fright over the years. So when rumors started to spread that he was planning on doing something big at the wedding, nobody could quite believe it! For Nick to simply get up, grab the microphone and do a speech took a lot of courage in itself. However, nobody knew that he had the strength and bravery to execute the big moment on that special day…

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As everyone sat back down and paid attention to the man on the dance floor, Nick started reciting his speech. At first, it seemed like Nick had everything under control. “We’re missing someone pretty important this evening that would be obviously here for the dance with his little girl,” he said. However, as soon as he said that, Nick began to struggle and his emotions started to get the better of him. Would he be able to carry on?

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Struggling With His Nerves

After saying the very first sentence of his speech, it was clear that Nick was getting quite emotional and for a minute, it seemed unlikely that he’d be able to carry on. However, Andrea’s brother managed to find the inner strength to carry on. At this stage, he started to explain the master plan he had up his sleeve all this time. Not only did he shock everyone in attendance, but his next move took this story to a whole new level…

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Absolutely Shellshocked

As Nick continued his speech, that familiar song “Butterfly Kisses” started playing in the background. While Andrea was confused at first, it all started to make sense by the time Nick ended his speech. Needless to say, the bride was in a state of shock and her jaw dropped to the ground as Nick’s plan started to unfold. However, there was something special about this rendition of the song. Soon enough, Andrea knew exactly who was singing it…

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Nick Sang The Song

It turns out that Nick got into a studio prior to the wedding day and recorded his own version of “Butterfly Kisses.” In a last-minute move, Nick decided to put his heart and soul into the cover. The most amazing thing about this is that Nick isn’t even a professional singer. So when his voice started to fill the venue, the chilling rendition blew everyone away. However, that was just the start of this incredible gesture…

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Grandfather & The Bride

Suddenly, Andrea’s grandfather got up from his seat and approached her on the dance floor. Starting to understand what was happening, Andrea was overwhelmed with emotion as her grandpa embraced her in his arms and started dancing with her in front of everyone. Shocked by the incredible gesture, she cried and warmly hugged her grandpa. She knew that her father Mark would have been extremely proud of Nick’s heartfelt plan. However, there were some more surprises to come…

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Her Brother Luke Took Over

After the first verse and hook were over, Andrea’s other brother, who is also called Luke, softly tapped their Grandpa on the shoulder and took over the dance. The video clearly showed that Luke cracked some jokes in order to bring some levity to the situation. Andrea saw the funny side of it and laughed in his arms. As soon as the second verse was complete, the next person to take over from Luke made perfect sense…

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Dancing With Nick

It was only logical for Nick to eventually step in and take over the “father-bride dance” from brother Luke. Completely overwhelmed by Nick’s kind gesture, Andrea warmly embraced her brother and wrapped her arms around him ever so tightly. Nick knew that what he had done had made his sister so happy, despite the event being a rollercoaster of emotions. However, there was still one more surprise to the proceedings that ultimately brought this emotional moment full-circle…

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Even Father-In-Law Joined In

One more person took part in the emotional makeshift father-bride dance. In a true act of loving kindness, Nick brought Andrea’s father-in-law to the dancefloor and he took her in his arms for the final section of the song. It was the perfect way to end what was a truly emotional five minutes. Everybody in the audience appeared to be overwhelmed with joy and emotion as well. The wonderful moment ended up having a huge impact on their lives, even after the big day…

Affected Millions Of People

As previously mentioned, the heartwarming video had a huge impact on millions of people, with many explaining how they could relate to Andrea’s incredible story. “My dad is one of the most important people in my life and right now he has cancer,” one person wrote. “To know that one day I might be in the position, or getting married without my daddy there, it just touched me to the core.” However, more surprises have come Andrea’s way since then…

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The Power Of Family

The years following Andrea and Luke’s big day have only seemed to bless them with good things. As of today, the happily married couple is still going strong and have three healthy children to show for it. Although it’s been a few years now since she lost her father, Andrea knows that he is looking over her proudly and with a few warm acts of kindness, she recognized just how much her family means to her.

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