You Can Get Sticky In Japan With This Limited Edition Maple Syrup Hot Bath

Forget skinny dipping, sticky dipping is now all the rage in Japan, which always manages to stay one step ahead of the times. The land of hot spring baths has just outdone itself with the introduction of their maple syrup hot baths that are actually supposed to be good for you. While this may sound strange at first, we’re eager to find out more about what this tantalizing treatment entails.

The Hakone Kowakein Yunessan Spa Resort located near Mount Fuji has become ultra-creative with what visitors can bathe themselves in because, let’s face it, plain old water just isn’t cutting it anymore. Famous for its ancient culture of naturally heated public baths, the Japanese spa offers a unique variety of different bath options including, coffee, black tea, green tea, red wine and even Ramen soup!

During the month of April 2017, the Hakone Kowakein Yunessan Spa Resort is offering guests access to their limited edition ‘Hot Cake Spa’ which basically entails bathing in a hot tub of maple syrup. The idea behind the maple syrup spa was to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the extremely popular Morinaga Hot Cake Mix. The mix is well known in Japan for making perfectly light and fluffy Japanese hot cakes.

As you can imagine the hot cake bath is said to smell like fresh pancakes, with an extra hint of maple sugar and vanilla. As part of the bath’s upkeep people are hired to pour actual bottles of maple syrup poured into the tub. In an advertisement, the Yunessan Spa claimed that bathing in maple syrup has health benefits that one cannot reap from simply ingesting the sugary sauce. Allegedly, maple syrup has moisturizing effects and can also boost circulation which are both great benefits for the skin .

While we’re still not 100% sold on the idea of traveling all the way to Japan to bathe in a giant vat of hot syrup, we’re willing to give it a try at home. Pinterest project anyone?