These Couples Chose to Move for Their Partners, and Haven’t Regretted it for a Day

Haven’t we all gone above and beyond for love? Some leave their jobs, some go against their parents, while some move to a completely different country. Yes, it’s a big decision but people head-over-heels in love do it. In fact, there are many people who have traveled the distance for love, and lived to tell the tale. As Anita Chilpala, a dating and relationship therapist rightly said, unless one takes the plunge to move, they may always wonder what could become of the relationship.

A Train to Forever

We all know how disheartening long-distance can get for people madly in love. 25-year-old Olivia shared her story of how she turned her long distance into a live-in relationship. After four dreadful years of living far away from her partner, it was time for Olivia and her boyfriend to make a decision. She was tired of the long car rides, the many train journeys, and trying to make up for the lost time every time they managed to meet. This was when she turned her life upside down and put all her faith in love. According to Olivia, the only way that such a move can have any hope of working is if you and your partner have a stable foundation. She further adds that if they’re the one, as long as you’re with them, you’re home.

From Baltimore to Pennsylvania

Lindsay’s love story might take you on an adventure of emotions. Everything started when she completed her education and got hired as a teacher in her hometown of Baltimore. At the same time, her would-be-husband got an opportunity in Brooklyn, NY, to do his medical residency. Although Lindsay hated to drop the opportunity, she quit the job and moved to NYC for love. Since she couldn’t get a transfer, she found a new job in Brooklyn at a private school that she adored. But after four years, her husband had to move again, this time to Pennsylvania. This time she was shattered as she loved her job too much. But, again, people do anything and everything for their soulmate and so did she. Lindsay decided to be a stay-at-home mom for a few years and the couple moved. This decision, however, turned out to be the best one in Lindsay’s life. While she was not working, she wrote the novel of her dreams. Lindsay’s very proud of her work, and credits the power of love for making this possible.