This 2023 Fall Foliage Map Shows When Leaves Will Peak Near You

Innovative Fall Foliage Map Tells Accurate Peak Foliage Times Across the US

As summer bids goodbye, the anticipation of mesmerizing fall foliage starts. But, the exact timing of peak leaf colors has always been elusive. Enter, the creator of an annual Fall Leaf Map. This unique map relies on data like temperature, precipitation, historical patterns, user-generated reports, and tree types to provide accurate predictions.

Interactive Map for Leaf-Lovers

The interactive Fall Leaf Map offers a fascinating way for users to monitor the gradual transition of peak foliage across the US. By simply sliding a tool along a timeline, viewers can witness the shifting colors of fall in various regions. David Angotti, the mastermind behind this innovative map, underscores that the map’s creation blends meteorological data with historical trends and user-generated reports, culminating in a prediction that is both highly accurate and enjoyable.

The 2023 Autumn Palette

The 2023 Autumn Palette

According to the map, the fall foliage extravaganza is set to kick off in the northern parts of New York around late September, peaking until about October 7th. Heading further south, peak foliage will grace landscapes from October 9th to October 13th. Similar timelines are projected for East Coast states like Vermont and Maine. Their ultimate peak is anticipated around October 9th to October 13th, with the possibility of slightly later peaks in southern parts of the states. Travelers hoping to extend the foliage season should head further south to states like North Carolina where peak colors won’t come out until October 23rd through about October 30th.

User-Generated Insights to Enhance Accuracy

In their continuous quest to enhance the accuracy of their fall foliage predictions, has introduced an exciting new feature in the map for 2023. Now, users not only have the opportunity to provide valuable fall foliage reports but can also contribute by submitting photos. This user-generated visual data promises to offer an even clearer and more detailed picture of the changing leaf colors across different regions of the US.