Flight Attendants Elaborate About the Luggage Mistakes Most Travelers Make

Cabin Crew Reveals the Luggage Mistakes to Stay Away From

Traveling is such an exciting experience for anyone. However, some mistakes can put a damper on it by causing inconveniences. So, we have collated some pointers from frequent fliers who may have some tips and tricks in mind to avoid these mistakes. Read on to make your travel easier!

Carrying Heavy Shoes:

Shoes tend to take up the most space in suitcases or any bags. They’re not only heavy but also quite large. So, experts suggest saving room (and weight) in your bags by wearing the bulkiest shoes during the journey. Or, if you want to save the trouble, invest in long-lasting and lighter shoes.

Depending on a Paper Luggage Tag:

Depending on a Paper Luggage Tag:

Usually, the tags that are put onto the luggage at check-in fall off easily. Even if they don’t, they cannot be used to track your luggage if some other passenger mistakenly picks it up and takes it with them. So, putting a tracking device will help track your bags instantly in case you lose them.

Putting Important Items in Check-in Baggage:

Usually, passengers put their essentials like medicines, earplugs, and other such items in the check-in baggage. This leaves them panicking, especially on longer flights, in times of need. So, flight attendants suggest making a list of all your essentials while packing so you can remember to carry them with you.

Carrying Oversized Hand Baggage:

Experienced flight attendants suggest that even though you can board your flight with oversized baggage with some help from the gate attendant, it is generally better to carry properly fitting luggage. This is especially important as some airlines can charge you a massive bill in case of extra weight or larger size. So ensure to invest in a standard-sized carry-on.