1,000 People Signed Up for a Flight to an Unknown Destination

Photo by Pixabay

Some people need to plan every minute of their trip beforehand. Other folks are okay with just seeing which flights are cheapest, and spontaneously going to that destination. Then, there are these 1,000 people who knowingly and willingly signed up for a flight to an unknown place.

The Flight

Scandinavian Airlines, aka SAS Airlines, is a Sweden-based carrier that recently started advertising “Destination Unknown” flights. SAS made the offer exclusive by reserving it for members of their frequent flyer loyalty program, which is called EuroBonus. All passengers knew was that taking this flight would involve redeeming 30,000 miles per seat, the plane would leave from Copenhagen on April 5th and return to Copenhagen on April 8th. Over 1,000 people tried to get seats, but the flight has limited space, so the airline has expressed its intent to randomly designate as many seats as they can to those who have shown interest in the trip.


While spontaneity is certainly the name of the game, SAS Airlines did provide travelers with the cryptic clue that the flight would only be a few hours long. Other than that, passengers will have no idea where they’re going until an announcement is made while the plane is in the air. We supposed another, albeit unintentional, hint is that passengers will be going to a country that doesn’t require a special visa or approval of entry. SAS’s Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice President Paul Verhagen explained, “The prospect of embarking on an adventurous and mysterious journey with fellow enthusiasts, finding new connections and friendships along the way, is truly exciting.” Assuming SAS sticks to their normal flight paths, passengers can guess between 125 different locations. As of the time of writing, the airline flies to the US (Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Washington), destinations in Scandinavia, and Europe.

Photo by Pixabay

Well, we hope everyone has a great trip to wherever they’re going!