You Can Now Stay in a Floating Glass-Bottomed Eco-Hotel

In a world where humans are constantly looking for something new, exciting, and eco-friendly, we have since been introduced to sustainable accommodation options – and they’re pretty awesome. We’ve seen treehouses, we’ve seen Hobbit houses, and we’ve even seen beachside properties. However, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a floating glass-bottomed eco-hotel before. Until now, of course.

Inspired By 007

Eco-hotels are not unusual in today’s day and age, but it seems as though the design and the layout of these hotels are becoming more unusual as each month goes by. This is certainly the case for the Anthénea eco-hotel that can be found off the coast of Brittany, France. This new development is futuristic and alien in its design, but the inspiration for this new way of sleeping actually came from a story that’s been in our lives for many years. Ther glass-bottomed hotel was inspired by the 1977 James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me.

Luxurious Eco-Friendly Living

What’s so great about this pod – apart from the fact that you’re quite literally sleeping on the water – is the fact that it has been designed with the environment in mind. While the accommodation itself is all about luxury, this luxury is made possible by the solar panels on the roof. In fact, this pod is designed to follow the sun so that it’s constantly utilizing the solar energy, and this heats the shower, cooks the food, and even allows the guests to drive the boat to wherever they want.

Everything You Need

Although this small pod may seem inadequate for a vacation, it really does have everything you need. The 540-square-foot pod has enough space for 12 guests and includes a beautiful sun deck, a stunning master bedroom, sea-water tubs, and even a kitchen with panoramic views. What could be better than that?

Well, we know which hotel we’ll be booking this year.

The Ultimate Cultural Landmark Located in Shanghai, China

In the daytime, the lower floors of the TX Youth Energy Centre in Shanghai, China are full of young people browsing through the numerous shops and stores for the most fashionable clothing and hottest sneakers. However, at night, the top floor is where people go for the music, light shows, and partying until the morning hours.

The TX Youth Energy Centre in Shanghai, China.

The Ideal Cultural Landmark in Shanghai

TX Youth Energy Centre is a venue located in Shanghai, China. It gets up to 40,000 visitors on a busy day as people swarm the place looking to both see and be seen at the hottest spot in the city.

Dickson Szeto, a Hong Kong-born visionary real estate specialist, designed the centre with the intention of it becoming the ultimate cultural landmark for the city. He supervised every last element of design and content to get the perfect eclectic consumer mix that would stand out when compared to the traditional city shopping centers.

The TX Youth Energy Centre is a 6-story building located on Huai Hai Road. It used to be an Isetan department store, but it was gutted, refurbished, and designed to appeal to the youth of China’s most-populated city.

For retailers to set up shop in the building, they have to answer a series of questions and score a lease. This puts a lot of pressure on vendors as they try to maintain incredibly high standards while also showing their more innovative sides.

Inside Flagship Store in Shanghai

A Vision and a Plan

Even though the TX Youth Energy Centre has been open for less than 2 years, the concept of the building had been in the works for a much longer time. Szeto originally came to Shanghai in the mid-1990s and began working on projects including converting traditional buildings to modern restaurants or for boutique usage.

When it came to TX, Szeto wanted people to be able to go because they were interested in learning about new things, meeting people, and socializing, which is what brought upon the idea to make the building spacious.