Here’s an Expert Guide on How to Spend Money Wisely on a Trip

Being carefree is one of the main perks of vacationing. However, being lighthearted sometimes leads to being irrational and irresponsible, resulting in unnecessary spending. You need not pinch your pennies to sacrifice enjoyable experiences. As experts suggest, you should just spend your money wisely and save for the next trip, instead of returning home with a suitcase full of tacky souvenirs and a heart full of buyer’s remorse. Let’s find out what experts say about spending money while traveling.

Eating Out

While staying abroad on vacation, eating out at restaurants is a major travel expenditure. Clever and thrifty travelers search for small and medium local establishments, instead of heading to hotel dining rooms or booking a restaurant table for every meal. Travel advisor JoAnn Caputo Tripi also suggests avoiding touristy joints to conserve vacation funds, as these sorts of spots often run on brand value and charge extra money for their products and services. She also advises skipping the hotel breakfast unless it’s included in the room charge. Instead, look for street vendors or roadside joints to try a local item or two. There’s no better way to explore the cuisine of a new country!

Buying Souvenirs

Shopping and retail expert Kristen Gall explains that it’s quite natural to succumb to the temptation of buying something from a destination, to keep the memory with you. However, resisting the urge is important as impulsive buyers often end up filling their bags with every souvenir that catches the eye. Instead, she suggests picking only the pieces unique to the place or culture, or small enough to not affect your luggage weight. She advises to save up money for a special thing or two during the trip, instead of spending on a bunch of tacky trinkets, which are probably going to be left unattended after a while when you return home.