Airline Predicts Heartbeats Will Replace Passports in the Future

The New Passport

Most of us are familiar with the panic of mistakenly leaving our passports in the drawer while heading to the airport. Or sometimes, it’s just tucked in the pocket you didn’t expect it to be in, but for a few heart-racing minutes, your long-desired holiday was already over before it even started. However, this heart-in-the-mouth moment for every vacation goer may soon be over, if you believe in the future predictions of one airline.

The Prediction

According to EasyJet, passports will soon be obsolete from the checklist of an airplane border, as passengers will be having their heartbeats scanned to get through the security in airports. There’s no doubt that this system would certainly remove a lot of the usual flight day stress. It would be a lot easier for all the parties with airport scanners looking at the passengers’ heartbeats rather than their passports, which include their photos the majority of them can’t stand! Now, if you’re wondering how long it would take to make this marvel a reality, a group of academics have an answer ready for you.

The Possibilities

The Possibilities

According to academics like Professor Graham Braithwaite, Professor Birgitte Andersen, Dr. Melissa Sterry, Dr. Patrick Dixon, and futurist Shivvy Jervis, the year could be 2070. As per the report titled 2070: The Future Travel Report, passengers may not even have to worry about dragging luggage with them, all in the coming 50 years. At arrival, the passengers would be able to choose from a selection of recyclable 3D printed clothes and also a 3D buffet printed to individual preferences. That’s not all! The report also includes “try before you buy,” which is perhaps the most impressive but unrealistic prediction. Here, the holiday goers would be able to have a taste of their desired destination/s by seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling the places through bionic and Meta holiday previews, even before booking the airplane tickets.

The Campfire Version of the Classic Apple Pie is Differently Delicious!

Along with all the adventures and exploring, one of the most quintessential camping experiences is roasting food over a campfire and enjoying hot delicious treats under the starry sky. Don’t limit your camp-food imagination with marshmallows on a stick and hotdogs. Surprise yourself and your fellow campers with the camp version of a classic dessert- apple pie on a stick.

Apple Pie and Variation

Be it a warm summer evening or a chilly fall night, the sumptuous flavor of ripe apples and warm spices baked all together is the classic favorite in its own right! There are various camping-friendly dehydrated versions of apple crisp are available in the market. But nothing beats the fresh warm taste of the desert, when you get your hands a bit dirty, even on the road. Substituting a crust with a readymade option and sliced pieces with whole roasted apples, this easy shortcut camping-friendly version of the classic delight is nothing short in taste and feel.


• Rome or Jonathan Apple, minimum 1 per head

• Granola, ½ cup (Optional)

• Granulated sugar, 1 cup

• Cinnamon powder, 1 tablespoon

Steps to Prepare

• Combine granulated sugar and powdered cinnamon.

• Push a stick through the core of an apple until it is secure on the stick. Add another one or more depending upon the length of the stick.

• Place the apples 2 or 3 inches above the fire. Turn the stick periodically while roasting. As the apples cook, the skins would be started to get browned and juice would be dripping slightly.

• After the skins get loose, remove the apples from the fire, but leave them on the stick. Carefully peel off the hot skins.

• Then roll the apples in the cinnamon sugar and roast them again over the fire, until the sugar mixture forms a warm glaze all over the apples.

• Finally, remove the apples from the hit, and roll them in the granola, if you prefer a top layer of crust. Let them cool a bit, then just bite in!