Hilarious Online Shopping Fails That Actually Happened

Online shopping has changed the face of the retail world forever. Everyone loves online shopping. It’s simple, easy, convenient, and doesn’t require you to actually get out of bed, change out of your pajama bottoms, and put on pants. One of the best things about the Internet is that you can find literally anything you want, no matter how random, weird, or unusual it is. What’s not to love? Well, as you’ll see in this story, things we see online don’t always arrive at our homes looking the same way. The world of online shopping is still pretty much unregulated. It’s like the Wild West on the world wide web, so buyer beware. Check out these hilarious online shopping fails!

Bejeweled Mess

“Not everything that glitters is gold” goes the expression, and it definitely applies in this case. This woman looked like she had a very specific picture in mind when she made her online order.

In fact, that picture is identical to the one on the left. As you see on the right, though, she got something completely different. Her face plainly expresses how she feels. Clearly, this is not the same article of clothing.

Less Than Perfect Fit

Bodycon dresses are the hottest style on the planet now. Inspired by everyone’s favorite media family, the Kardashians, young women all over the world are wearing skintight, bandage style dresses that show off their killer curves.

But fashion has a price, and dressing like Kim K isn’t cheap. This girl thought she found a loophole by ordering a dress from the Internet – however, she wasn’t well-versed int he dangers of online shopping and the dress wasn’t what she expected!

Game Of Scams

This story takes a bit more of a serious turn. A 19-year-old father, Peter Clatworthy, wanted to give his young son the ultimate Christmas present – a much sought after Xbox One. After scanning eBay for hours, he finally found one for $750.

He decided to take the plunge and order it after seeing the seller had only positive reviews. To his surprise, he got only a piece of paper with a picture of an Xbox One on it!

Purple Disaster

On the model, this dress looks perfect. Its contrasting colors and peek a boo style catch the eye while still leaving a little something to the imagination. No wonder this girl decided to order it!

But she got an unpleasant surprise after finally receiving her home delivery. Instead of getting a sultry cut-out dress that perfectly accented her figure, this poor girl got a mangled garment that looks more like a window curtain than a going out dress.

Surprise, Surprise

At first glance, the instructions this customer gave seem hard to get wrong. But let’s think about it for a moment. Sometimes people take instructions a little too literally.

Maybe the worker who was shipping out the box has just gotten into a robot like routine and doesn’t pay attention to what customers are writing in the special instructions box. Or maybe, with the advent of technology, an actual robot was doing the job and that’s why the message didn’t come across.

Barking Mad

It’s a sweet idea – order a bouquet of flowers that resemble your loved one’s best friend, and watch as they react with surprised glee. Unfortunately, for this girl, things didn’t work out as she planned.

She wanted to get her boyfriend flowers that looked like his pet pup, but what ended up arriving was more of a wilted mess that looked like a sad cry for help, complete with glued on googly eyes. We hope that she got a refund!

Crawling On The Walls

While cats aren’t particularly known for their loving and affectionate nature, if looks could kill, this kitty would be a murderer. He seems to be pretty displeased with the fact that this gift from his owner isn’t exactly what he expected.

It’s not clear if this is a hilarious practical joke, or if the owner simply didn’t check the measurements that the seller posted. Whatever the case, it’s clear that this cat is majorly upset about this tiny scratching post.

Basically The Same

Everyone loves an item that changes. Whether it’s a reversible sweater or Transition lenses, having an item that does more than one thing makes you feel like you’ve gotten two products for the price of one.

However, for this poor customer, this popular Christmas mug wasn’t exactly what she expected when she ordered it. Instead of a mug that changes its image when its exposed to hot water, the buyer got a mug with a picture of two mugs on it.

Toe Tights

Halloween is the best time of year to let your freak flag fly high, and this dude was totally ready to take advantage of it. He planned on dressing as Catwoman in skintight leather leggings – however, when he got his order, it ended up fit for a fairy and not a grown man.

It’s not clear if this is just a straight up rip off or specifically made for dolls, but whatever the case, it’s definitely a holiday ruiner.

Size Matters

There’s nothing like an ornate rug that screams elegance to pull a room together. A nice Persian rug conveys elegance, class, and wealth, so it’s no surprise that this young man ordered one and was super excited about the effect it would have on the aesthetic of his bachelor pad.

But, to his shock, the rug wasn’t quite the size he was expecting when he paid for it. At least he’s found a useful purpose for the tiny carpet as a bookmark!

Ho Ho Horrible

Everyone loves a Christmas tree, but the mess it makes – with the dropped needles, falling branches, and the eventual sad drag out to the curb sometime in mid-February – makes an artificial tree super appealing.

Of course, it made sense for this customer to buy a plastic tree online, and get into the spirit of the holiday without worrying about the eventual cleanup. However, it’s quite clear from the box that this tree is super misleading. Not exactly festive.

Trash The Dress

It’s clear that this guy has been working out for quite a while and wanted to show off the results of his efforts. He’s worked hard on his body to achieve that Greek god look, and so it’s only right to show it off.

But we’re pretty sure that a Kim Kardashian style bodycon dress was not what this guy expected when he ordered this grey muscle tank. On the plus side, his glutes do look fantastic in the garment!

Interesting Positioning

Pocket placement is probably something that you’ve never thought about before but is actually something absolutely crucial to sweater design. This unlucky soul ordered what appeared to be the perfect cozy Christmas sweater, only to end up getting a bizarre garment in the mail.

Perhaps this sweater was designed for the T-rex population in mind so that their short arms could easily reach the pockets. We don’t know, but even seeing this as a picture makes us cringe.

Bigger Is Better

Sometimes when a deal is too good to be true, it’s because there’s something majorly wrong. On social media, an employee posted this photo with a caption explaining that:

“My boss bought 50 chairs in an online auction… It wasn’t until we went to pick them up, that it was at an elementary school!” So that probably explains why they were so cheap! We just hope that workers in this business weren’t forced to actually use these chairs.

Ghost Of Star Wars Past

Prince Leia costumes are an all-time classic for Halloween. Cute and sensual without revealing too much, Leia’s simple white dress with slits is flattering on every body type and shape.

That’s why we are sure this girl was doubly disappointed when her Princess Leia costume finally arrived in the mail. This oversized, shapeless garment looks more fit for a ghost than a royal! But from the big grin on her face, it looks like she’s a good sport.

Not That Kind Of Girl

The customer in this next fail is definitely a tomboy and athletic type. She ordered some hiking boots from an online store so she could keep doing extreme outdoor activities.

From the battle wounds and bruises on her legs, it’s clear that this a rough and tumble type of girl whose not interested in prancing around in heels. That’s what makes it especially funny that after a mix-up, she ended up receiving these dainty and impractical heels!

Latest Latex

Latex and leather are tricky materials – you have to make sure they are the exact perfect size (not too loose and not too tight) so that they flatter your figure, and still give your skin room to breathe.

These type of thigh high stockings can become super expensive and run anywhere up to a few hundred dollars for a pair. This poor girl decided to give online shopping a shot and ended up getting these things that look more like garbage bags.

Pride Aside

Canada Day is the perfect time for citizens of the Great White North to show their patriotic pride. I mean, who wouldn’t be proud of the country that dominates the world in maple syrup so much that it even put a maple leaf on its flag?

Oh, and they gave us Wayne Gretzky too. Anyway, this unlucky Canadian ended up ordering a shirt that looks more fit for a teenage girl than a hairy, grown man. He still rocks it anyway!

Phone (And Face) Cover

Getting a specially made phone case of you and your bestie so that you can look at a pic of you two together whenever you take out your phone – that’s definitely a sweet gesture.

But what’s not so sweet is the bizarre way this case arrived. The weirdest part of the whole incident is that the placement seems to be intentional – maybe the printers thought it was an unflattering photo of the friend and they wanted to spare him the embarrassment?

Supersize Me

Judging by this guy’s hat, it seems like he’s a major football fan. And as all football fans know, having a comfy chair to sit and watch the game in is a major part of the sport.

For this poor guy, however, the leather armchair he ordered wasn’t exactly what he expected. Instead of getting the perfect place to lounge and drink beer while screaming at the TV, he got a miniature chair more fit for a young child.

Auto Mislead

It’s a perfect addition for an extra special birthday cake – a small blonde girl who looks like the birthday girl to crown the cake.

However, this mom’s phone was on autocorrect, and when she texted directions for the cake to the baker, her phone autocorrected “blonde” to “blind.” However, we definitely have to commend the baker though, as she provided exactly what the customer asked for. The addition of the white cane is also a nice and sensitive touch!

Bitesize Meal

Most girls remember playing with dolls as children. Maybe we even had an EasyBake oven, which was “heated” by a single light bulb. Is there a chance that this guy wanted to take it back to childhood and purposely buy a mini cooking set?

Most adults, however, have normal sized limbs and appetites and aren’t searching for super realistic cooking utensils for their dolls. However, this would be perfect for someone on a diet looking to cut down their portion sizes!

Beat The System

Camping is always a pain. There’s getting together the gear, organizing, stuffing everything into the car, and then, after arriving at the campsite, dealing with the drama of unloading the stuff and setting up the darn tent (and who can even remember how to do that after years out of practice?).

This guy, however, is experiencing a major camping fail after ordering what was supposed to be a two-person tent. But he looks pretty cozy by himself in there!

Worst Wedding Decision

Wedding dresses can be one of the biggest expenses on a woman’s wedding day – with all the pressure from social media, society, and friends and family to look absolutely perfect on her special day, sometimes ladies will drop thousands of dollars on a dress.

This woman decided to take a different route and order her dress of a random website – however, the risk didn’t work out for her. Clearly, this dress looks nothing like advertised, and luckily, she got a refund.

Keeping It Simple

A great accessory can change up your whole look. Hence, this trendy cardigan which spices up even a plain white shirt and jeans. This modern cape can elevate even the simplest outfits to new heights of chicness.

However, the customer who ordered it was expecting minimalism, but not to this degree! The box contained a literal piece of fabric with two holes randomly cut out. And, for what it’s worth, he ordered it in grey, not navy blue!

Purple Problems

An accent rug in a bold color is the simplest and easiest way to change up the entire look of a room and modernize the interior design of an otherwise plain abode.

This couple thought they’d found the perfect solution to brighten up their new home when they ordered this royal purple rug on the Internet. To their shock, though, the rug depicted was just a teensy bit bigger than the one that the actually received! Time for a refund.

Bad Apple

Nowadays, with the advent of modern technology and design, it can be harder and harder to spot a counterfeit good from the real deal. That is definitely not the case here though.

We’re not sure who these crooks thought they were fooling, but every element here – from the logo to the font on the wristband – makes it painfully clear that this is not an authentic Apple product. We sincerely hope the buyer reported the seller to the appropriate authorities.

Bowl Of Fun

A ladle is one of those things that’s pretty much a standard size – either you get one that’s meant for home use, or else you’re especially purchasing one from an industrial manufacturer because the ladle is intended for use in a prison or a children’s orphanage a la Oliver Twist.

However, this poor guy ended up somehow buying the gigantic ladle size, which is pretty unhelpful for normal use in every day. He can use it in an emergency in a flood, though.

Cold Truth

Sometimes we see a garment on the hanger in a clothing store, and just have to try it on. But after looking in the mirror in the dressing room, we realize that it only looks good on a hanger and not on the human body.

This poor guy ended up with a badly fitting jacket after ordering online. And, it’s probably the least of his concerns, but he ordered the jacket in a classic tan shade, and it arrived mustard yellow!

Bad Apple

This unfortunate guy was browsing for Christmas gifts online when he stumbled across a super inexpensive iPad on a popular auction website. Thinking that he’d found the ultimate discount, this poor guy immediately bought the impossibly cheap iPad.

However, when he took it out of the box, the piece of high tech gear he ordered ended up looking more like a children’s toy! Let this be a lesson – if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Smells Great

We are not exactly sure what circumstances led to someone intentionally purchasing a product labeled as a “bag of unicorn farts.” Maybe they were in high spirits and decided on a whim to splurge on a whimsical purchase.

Maybe they were intrigued by the appealing packaging which described the product as “100% magical, 100% majestic, and100% mythical” – that sounds pretty tempting and hard to resist! However, the buyer wasn’t expecting it to simply be cotton candy in a nice box.

When In Paris/London

When you’re on vacation, you don’t necessarily want to waste precious time looking for the perfect souvenir. So maybe this unlucky traveler just grabbed the first thing that they saw without inspecting it carefully.

But London’s most distinctive symbol is undeniably Big Ben – not the Eiffel Tower, which everyone knows is located smack dab in the middle of Paris, France. Whatever the case, this frenzied tourist actually got the souvenir of a lifetime with this hilarious T-shirt fail.

Define Small

It’s always hard to judge what size we need when we’re online shopping. Sometimes the model used could be super short and we just have no idea.

We’re assuming the girl who ordered this peplum skirt decided that going with a size small was a safe move, because that’s the size that she usually gets. But the skirt ended up looking way different on the model than on this poor customer! It barely fits around her thigh.

Knock Knock Joke

Online shopping is always a risky decision, especially when the product you’re purchasing is an expensive piece of electronic equipment. This poor soul ordered the latest state of the art big screen TV from an online site, but didn’t quite get his money’s worth.

The crafty crooks were clever enough to wrap a heavy piece of wood in protective film, so that the hefty weight would make the product seem legitimate. We truly hope this guy got a refund!

Short Term Solution

Buying curtains is undeniably one of the most annoying things in like. You have to pick out the perfect set of drapes that matches the carpet or the wood floor, the bed sheets, the pillows, etc. Who has time for that?

This bachelor thought he was being smart by simply going online and ordering the first curtains that caught his eye – and in this case, they also happen to be a deep royal purple color. Clearly, they’re not what he expected!

Model Not Included

We’re not sure what world the perturbed commenter below is living in, but slavery has not been legal for the last several hundred years.

We’re also not sure what money this guy allegedly spent 5,000 of (there’s a big difference on how much this is, depending on what country he lives in) to obtain the model. This also could be a poor attempt at a tasteless joke, but whatever the circumstances are, this comment is definitely a giant fail.

Spreading It Thin

One of the worst things about moving apartments is constantly figuring out which stuff you need to buy because you accidentally threw it away. From tchotchkes to salad bowls, sometimes we decide things are better left behind only to majorly regret it later.

So when this woman decided to order a cheese board and knife set, she was in dire need of it. But when she opened the package, she found a miniature too small for even Barbie to use.

What A Snake

One of the best things about the Internet is that you can find literally anything you want, no matter how random, weird, or unusual it is. This gentleman very specifically wanted a belt where the clasp was made to look like a snake’s head – not our personal taste, but more power to him.

We’re sure he was overjoyed to find exactly what he wanted online. However, things went south really quickly. This looks more like a sad dinosaur than a snake.

Distorted To Say The Least

Face masks, inspired by the famous Korean beauty skin care regimens, are all the rage across the world nowadays. This girl decided to jump on the bandwagon and see if buying a sheet face mask would help enhance her skin.

Instead of buying the plain ones, she decided to be creative and go cartoon-y. However, rather than being cute and cuddly, the result is just straight up terrifying. We definitely don’t recommend letting your kids watch this Winnie The Pooh.

Carefree Clothes

One of the best parts of going on a tropical vacation is planning the cute outfits you’ll rock on the streets of a tiny island town while getting that perfect sun-kissed tan. However, in this girl’s case, the clothes she ordered didn’t exactly fit into the plan.

Instead of enhancing her natural “I’m on vacay”-glow, they don’t exactly flatter her figure. It’s clear that the quality of the garments is way lower than depicted in the model’s picture.

Drunken Decisions

When Brenda’s roommate found an unbelievable deal on a TV stand, she just had to strike while the iron was hot and immediately pony up the cash for such a fundamental piece of furniture.

But it turned out that the TV stand she ordered was just a little bit smaller than she expected. We are not really sure why she thought a full-size TV stand would cost so little, but whatever the case, the end result is totally hilarious.

Stilts Not Included

Since garments are hardly ever made by hand, there’s a chance a pair of denim can come into the world with zero human touch or intervention. Most pairs of jeans are mass produced in factories.

We’re guessing this is what happened here when this unfortunate soul decided to order a normal pair of jeans with a standard length of 32″. While this pair of blues might be absolutely perfect for a professional basketball player, they definitely don’t work for your average Joe!

Gender Free For Me

The latest trend in fashion is unisex. Big brands have been rolling out garments lately that can be worn by both men and women. From blazers to slacks, many traditionally masculine styles are now frequently worn by women, sometimes styled with a slight feminine touch.

However, this girl definitely ordered a plaid dress from an online clothing retailer, and received a man’s button-down instead. We know T-shirt dresses are all the rage, but this is just straight up ridiculous.

Childish Games

Brittany ordered this stuffed carrot duo after her newborn baby, Emma, refused to eat vegetables. She thought it would be a good idea, introducing her infant daughter to a doll version of one of the vegetables she liked least, so when she found this item online, she thought it would be a perfect fit.


However, what arrived shortly in the mail was none other than a real carrot with permanent black markings on it to resemble the adorable face seen on the toys in the original picture.

Blown Up Expectations

When news broke that the culture-transcending figure Kanye West would be joining the slate of celebrity stylists at Adidas, the sneaker industry stood still. 2015 brought the world the Yeezy Boost line, which has since blossomed in recognition due to its classic silhouettes.


However, Kanye is not known for his cheap taste, and so many fans cannot afford the hopping trend. For this reason, they turn to cyberspace for a cheaper alternative solution. Unfortunately, these disproportional shoes are far from looking like the original brand.

Sorry, Not Sorry

While a lot of these online shopping hiccups can be a purely innocent mistake, some people know selling stuff online is a quick and relatively easy way to make money.


Shopping online has a lot to do with trust – after all, the consumer does not even really see the product until after they have paid and it arrives on their doorstep. Unluckily for this buyer, he too was a victim of online forgery, but at least the person responsible for the deceit had the dignity to attach an apologetic letter.

Love These Loafs

Most commonly known as loafers or slippers, slip-on shoes are typically low, lace-less footwear that are high in comfort. The style has a moccasin construction and is widely favored by those who choose comfort above all.


However, whoever sold these shoes definitely had the term confused with “a loaf of bread,” since evidently the two were mixed up to form this unidentified merge. Not that the bread-based shoes aren’t comfortable, but walking on bread seems slightly off.

Game Over

Futuristic films always show the possibility of downsizing everything to make human life easier. Even a three-course meal was offered in the shape and size of a tablet on Charley and the Chocolate Factory, and it seems whoever sold this tiny edition of the well-known video game console PlayStation was very enthused about trying out the same thing.


Disappointingly for the poor customer who received this console, however, the technology available is still not advanced enough to make something this small work.

Makeup Your Mind

Jenna could not figure out whether what she received in the post office was too hilarious or upsetting, so she took a picture of the unidentified object she received and turned to her social media account to express her feelings.


She expected makeup to arrive after ordering it online, but instead, it seems as though she received some sort of a weird toy in the shape of a chipmunk, buried inside a plastic egg. If we were her, we would stay on the safe side and throw it away.

Poor Pooch

Nowadays, people don’t consider their dogs to simply be pets – they are valued members of the family who are adored and spoiled as much as human children.

As the temperatures dropped in winter time, this concerned dog owner wanted their precious pooch to be as comfortable as possible. So they ordered a doggie sweater from an online dog specialty fashion boutique. However, this particular jacket seems more suited for a miniature Chihuahua or Teacup Terrier than this canine!

Cat’s Out Of The Bag

It’s what all parents are used to – hearing about the hottest new trend at school from their kids, followed by the kids’ excessive whining, and finally, the eventual giving in and purchasing of said trendy item (which will promptly be forgotten about next season.)

This kind mom decided to order an authentic Converse backpack for her son so he could fit in at school – however, what came out of the box ended up being fit for a small pet!

Seeing Sideways

There are dog people, and then, there are cat people. Cat people tend to like to show off their passion for the world’s kitties, sometimes rocking everything from cat print dresses to cat purses.

We understand this woman is a little less enthusiastic and decided to order a set of subtle rings with cat silhouettes. The color looks a bit off – one cat, in particular, looks like he’s lived through a comical cartoon bomb explosion or something like it!

Crochet Catt

A crochet crop top is the ultimate summer timepiece, perfect for a beach or poolside cover-up at a moment’s notice. However, Christy left a 1-star review of the top on Amazon with the following explanation:

“My 16-year-old daughter bought this thing. It is ridiculously small..Here is a picture of our cat wearing it….it does cover all of the cat’s nipples. However, she hates the weave. In summary, do not buy this, even for your cat.”