Private Yacht Vacations Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

In recent years, the number of celebrities and members of the rich list have been spotted renting private yachts for their luxurious vacations. They lounge on the deck and pose for the ‘Gram, they dine on caviar and expensive Michelin-star food, and they stop off at the most exquisite destinations on the planet. Because of this, many people have come to believe that private yachts are just for the rich and famous – but this is a misconception.

A Life Of Luxury

Are you the kind of person who loves the finer things in life? Perhaps you would shell out a few thousand dollars per week to book a private suite on a round-the-world cruise, or perhaps you’re someone who just loves a taste of adventure? Whether you want to be waited on hand and foot on the water or whether you want to jump off a yacht and snorkel below the surface, a private yacht experience could be for you.

For The Everyday Person

While there’s no doubt about the fact that private yacht vacations are expensive, they may not be as expensive as you think. In fact, they could cost just the same as an all-inclusive suite on a cruise liner, or an activity-filled adventure that takes you from destination to destination. If you would pay that much to do these things, why not pay the same for your own hotel on water?

The Starting Price

It’s well-known within the yachting community that the lowest price for a private yacht vacation is around $10,000. While this may seem like a lot, it’s important to realize that this is a price for the boat, the captain, and the crew as a whole. This means that if you were to travel with five other guests, that price would be split between the six of you. When you think of it that way, the price isn’t too bad.

Well, we’re sold.