Travel Agents Target Divorcees For Holiday Bookings

The honeymoon is a great way for a new couple to spend time together uninterrupted by life’s daily challenges. Unfortunately, life does get in the way and frequently leads to divorce. One travel agency has started targeting post-divorce people looking to reboot their lives with a vacation.


Liberty Travel has begun promoting its new travel concept, the “Start-Anew-Moon.” They target middle aged men and women recently coming off a divorce. They believe these trips could help those feeling down on themselves afterward. According to Liberty Travel’s senior vice president Christina Pedroni, many Liberty Travel agents noticed that middle aged people coming off a divorce were booking more trips.

She said, “It might seem like an odd thing to celebrate at first glance, but it really makes tremendous sense. It’s a new chapter of someone’s life, and travel helps to start this journey on a refreshed foot.”

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The “Start-Anew-Moons” attract both trips for individuals and group ones. Liberty Travel finds that divorce seems to spark a journey amongst friends that may not have happened if the person was married still. To gain maximum relaxation and minimal planning, most of the trips booked are to all-inclusive resorts. A majority of the trips are with women looking to get away with the rest of their girlfriends following an ugly divorce.

Unsurprisingly, the most common Start-Anew-Moon destinations are Mexico and Caribbean. Both areas are inexpensive and easy choices for their proximity to the United States. Due to the uptick in these trips, hotels have begun offering packages for this purpose.

Pedroni, when asked about the marketing around the packages, said, “our travel consultants are in long-standing relationships with most clients, so they know when something significant is happening in their lives. This is a fun way to suggest a reason for their next getaway.”