Travel Outfits That Serve Main Character Energy at the Airport

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Be it for work or just to unwind in a foreign land, it always helps to reach your destination feeling like a million bucks. Giving you the perfect combination of comfort and fashion, travel outfits can help you channel some of your creativity while on the go. Now, the best way to lift your mood or the overall vibe is by channeling main character energy through head-turning outfits. While some may believe that beauty is pain, we beg to differ. Read on to learn more about some of the outfits that can help you show off your style in comfort while traveling.

The Onion

If you get cold way too often on the plane or have just run out of storage space in your luggage, this look is the perfect option for you. Take your love of bundling up under layers and take it a notch higher, literally.

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Hit the skies in a perfectly layered outfit that is both chic and warm. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, you can always take off a layer or two. For this, we would suggest the quintessential combination of a breathable tee, a shirt-jacket hybrid, comfy sweatpants, and some high-performance kicks.

The Explorer

Are you the type that heads off in search of adventure straight from the airport? This active and utilitarian look is for you! Whether you are hitting the gym or simply heading out to explore the city you just landed in, this coordinated look will help you turn heads while helping you carry your essentials with you, keeping you ready to deal with any curveballs that the day might throw at you in style.

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To achieve this aesthetic, we suggest a fail-proof combo of a sling bag, a baggy sweatshirt, a rainproof jacket, and cozy sneakers.

The Vacation Queen

Channel all your vacation excitement through your outfits, because vacation starts as soon as you leave your house. Pick out lightweight, comfy, and breezy pieces to throw on that help you get into that vacay spirit even on your way to the airport.

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The perfect outfit in such a situation would include a classic linen button-down shirt, paired with a pair of flowy, wrinkle-resistant trousers. Add some comfortable strappy sandals and a rollable sun hat to the mix and there you have it; the perfect outfit for a tropical getaway!