The Many Women in Mick Jagger’s Life

The Rolling Stones frontman is quite the lothario. With eight children from five different women, Mick Jagger has continued to make headlines through his career because of the ladies in and out of his life. So where are all these women now?

Bianca Perez-Mora Macias | Then

Jagger met Nicaraguan-born Macias at a party after a Rolling Stones concert, during the time Marsha Hunt was pregnant with Jagger’s first child. Nine months later they were married, and a few months later she gave birth to their daughter, Jade.


Bianca Perez-Mora Macias | Now

Bianca never re-married after her divorce from the Rolling Stones frontman and kept her married last name. She is now a grandmother to Jade’s three children and became a great-grandmother in 2014 when her granddaughter Assisi had her first child. Jagger is passionate about her activism work and founded the Bianca Jagger Human Rights Foundation. She has since gone on to travel globally to work with organizations and campaigns she feels are important in helping social action. As a result, she has won awards for her humanitarian work.


Luciana Gimenez | Then

Things ended between Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger after DNA results proved that Jagger had fathered a child once again outside of his relationship. This time it was with Brazilian model, Luciana Gimenez. Gimenez gave birth to a son named Lucas Maurice in May 1999, and Mick accepted that he was his son. While Hall may have known about her husband’s previous affairs during their relationship, two months after Lucas was born, Hall and Jagger separated, ending their long-term relationship for good.


Luciana Gimenez | Now

Gimenez married Marcelo de Carvalho, the owner of the Brazilian television network, RedeTV! in 2006, and she has become the host on two of the shows for the network. Gimenez was blamed for ending Carvalho’s previous marriage and consequently leaving his wife and their three children. The married couple has one child together, Lorenzo Gabriel Morad-Fragali, born in 2011, and she is step-mother to his daughter Manuela, and twins, Marco and Marcela. During her modeling career, she was endorsed by brands such as Chanel, Marks & Spencer, and Azzedine Alaia.


Anita Pallenberg | Then

It was rumored that Jagger started having an affair his co-star, German model Anita Pallenberg, while the two were filming Performance. While he was dating Marianne at the time, Pallenberg was dating Keith Richards and had also been romantically linked to another Rolling Stones bandmate, Brian Jones. Although they were never married, Pallenberg had three children with Richards. The downfall of their relationship was because of their ongoing problems with illicit substances. Richards spoke about her affair with Jagger in his 2012 biography, Life.


Anita Pallenberg | Now

Pallenberg had been contacted by several publishers in hope to write a memoir about her life but decided against it since all they wanted was to hear about the Stones and get the dirt on Mick Jagger. The Italian actress, artist and model died on 13 June, 2017, at the age of 75 due to complications with Hepatitis C. Before her death she had lived in Chelsea, London, and spent her winters living in Jamaica. She is survived by two children and two grandchildren.


Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger | Then

Probably the most famous of Mick Jagger’s eight children is Georgia May. Known as a high-profile model and having a circle of celebrity friends, Georgia is more in the public eye than her other siblings. As the spitting image of her mother, Jerry Hall, it is no surprise she has had such a successful modeling career. During her career, she has modeled for the likes of Chanel, H&M, Miu Miu, and Versace. In 2009, she was contracted with Rimmel, the British cosmetics company.


Georgia May Ayeesha Jagger | Now

Alongside high-profile supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Lily Donaldson, Georgia May took part in the 2012 Summer Olympics ceremony to represent British fashion. In addition, she has also designed fashion collections with fashion brands, Volcom and Mulberry. Georgia caused a stir when she criticized the modeling world for hiring people based on their online popularity, despite having an Instagram following of 825,000, saying it “doesn’t really make sense.” Georgia is said to be dating her brother James’ bandmate, DJ Josh McLellan-Ludlow.


Jerry Hall | Then

In 1977, two years before his eventual divorce from Bianca, Jagger began dating Jerry Hall. This relationship ended up being Jagger’s longest relationship, and the pair married in a Hindu ceremony in 1990. Although the British court deemed their marriage in Bali as invalid due to missing paperwork, the pair continued their relationship up until 1999 and had four children together – Elizabeth Scarlett, James Leroy, Georgia May, and Gabriel Luke. Unsurprisingly, Jagger’s relationship with Hall came to an end when it was discovered he had fathered yet another child.


Jerry Hall | Now

Before meeting Jagger, Hall was a highly successful model and had appeared on 40 magazine covers, including Italian Vogue. She also pursued a career in acting and television work and had appeared in the West End. Additionally, she remarried after her divorce from Jagger and has been married to media mogul Rupert Murdoch since 2016. The pair were first spotted out publicly together at the Rugby World Cup final on 1 November 2015, and their engagement was announced in Murdoch’s The Times newspaper on January 11th, 2016.


Carla Bruni | Then

Carla Bruni was dating Eric Clapton when she met Mick Jagger. At the time he was still married to Jerry Hall, but that did not stop Jagger from pursuing the French model. This time, his wife intervened, and Hall stopped their relationship from blossoming when she found out. Again, this did not stop there, and things flared up again at a later date. Bruni has since claimed that during that time in the 90’s, “there were maybe ten other women” in Jagger’s life.


Carla Bruni | Now

Carla Bruni married former President Nicolas Sarkozy in February 2008 after meeting the recent divorcee a year earlier at a dinner party. She moved into the Elysee Palace following their marriage for the remainder of  Sarkozy’s five-year term, and in 2011 she gave birth to their daughter, Giulia, in Paris. She also had a child with Raphael Enthoven after the pair had an affair in 2001, a son named Aurélien Enthoven. In 2010, Forbes cited Bruni as the 35th most powerful women in the world.


L’Wren Scott | Then

Another long-term love of Mick Jagger’s was Laura Bambrough, best known as L’Wren Scott. The model, stylist and fashion designer met Jagger in 2001, and they maintained a relationship until 2014. Scott collaborated with Jagger to design his costumes for the Rolling Stones tour, and many of her creations were worn by celebrities for their red carpet appearances.  She also had her own fragrance which was sold exclusively at Barney’s and priced at $195 a bottle. Before her relationship with Jagger, she had been married twice but had no children.


L’Wren Scott | Now

Jagger and Scott’s relationship came to an abrupt end when L’Wren took her own life in 2014. Found in her Manhattan apartment by her assistant, L’Wren Scott was confirmed dead on March 17th, 2014, at the age of 49. At the time, Jagger was on tour in Australia with the Rolling Stones when the news reached him. After her death, her fashion collaboration with Banana Republic, and her higher-line at Barney’s New York were sold out. She also left her $9 million estate to Mick Jagger.


Marsha Hunt | Then

In 1969, at the time Jagger was still with Faithfull, he began seeing American model, Marsha Hunt. There was no denying this affair since the American actress and singer became pregnant during this time and gave birth to Keith’s first child, a daughter named Karis. This does not mean the two remained in a relationship following her birth. Rather, Hunt spent most of the 70’s in a legal battle with Jagger to get him to support Karis financially. In 1979, Marsha Hunt won the legal agreement.


Marsha Hunt | Now

Hunt has been married and divorced since being in a relationship with Jagger, but has had no more children other than Karis. Instead, she enjoys living the single life and has lived in Ireland since 1995. She also lives in France, in a countryside home 60 miles from Paris. Hunt is featured in the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington D.C., opened by former President Barack Obama, but says she likes to describes her skin color as “oak with a hint of maple.”


Melanie Hamrick | Then

Jagger met Melanie during the time he was still in a relationship with L’Wren Scott and shortly before her death. At the time, Hamrick, a dancer with the American Ballet Theatre, had ended her engagement with her current partner and reportedly confided in Jagger as a friend. However, ten months after Scott’s death, the pair were spotted together, and their romance was confirmed when it was announced that Melanie was pregnant with their child in July 2016. Jagger is 40 years her senior.


Melanie Hamrick | Now

Hamrick gave birth to their son named, Deveraux Octavian Basil Jagger, in December 2016. Deveraux is Hamrick’s first child, but Jagger’s eighth. The pair continues to be in a relationship, but that does not stop more scandal circulating Jagger’s adulterous ways, with rumors circulating that he has been linked to a woman 50 years his junior, Noor Alfallah. It has been alleged that Jagger began seeing Alfallah while his 29-year-old girlfriend was pregnant with their son, but there are no reports that the pair is no longer a couple.


Carly Simon | Then

Carly Simon revealed in her memoir, Boys in the Trees, that she and Jagger had feelings of “raw electricity” for one another, while she was engaged to James Taylor. She also cited that if the singers had gotten together, it would have been “a Romeo and Juliet tragedy. We couldn’t have each other.” Nevertheless, the night before she was set to wed her soon-to-be husband, she got a call from Jagger’s wife, Bianca, calling to tell James not to marry her because she was having an affair.


Carly Simon | Now

Regardless of Bianca’s call, Simon married Taylor, and the couple went on to have two children together. The couple divorced in 1983, however, and the divorce was nothing short of turbulent, with the two no longer speaking even over 30 years after the fact. Simon married James Hart on December 23, 1987, but the pair divorced in 2007. Meanwhile, Simon had a successful singing career away from her relationship scandals and has won an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award for her song “Let the River Run.”



Sophie Dahl – Then

Before his publicized relationship with L’Wren Scott in 2001, Jagger was dating English model Sophie Dahl from 2000 to 2001. Sophie comes from a famous family with her father being actor Julian Holloway and her mother, writer Tessa Dahl. Even more impressive, her mater grandparents were children’s author Roald Dahl and the American actress, Patricia Neal. Sophie was the inspiration for the main character with the same name in her grandfather’s book The BFG. It was Mick’s daughter Jade who introduced the pair, without realizing they would then date.

Sophie Dahl – Now

Just like her family members, followed a career path in writing, completing her first book, The Man with the Dancing Eyes, in 2003. This was followed by Sophie writing for American Vogue, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Observer and the Saturday Times. In 2012, she won a Jasmine award for her column about scent. She also showed off her culinary skills during March and April 2010 when she wrote and presented the cookery series, The Delicious Miss Dahl. She is married to singer Jamie Cullum, and they share two daughters.


Masha Rudenko – Then

It seems that Mick Jagger tends to go for models, and this was no different when he was linked to Russian model Masha Rudenko in 2016. At the time, Masha was 27 and Mick was 73-years-old and was just about to become a father for the eighth time. At the time, Jagger was in a relationship with Melanie Hamrick, who was pregnant with their son, and she became furious when it was believed Rudenko was visiting Jagger at Coachella.


Masha Rudenko – Now

With rumors swirling that these two were a pair, while another woman was about to give birth to Mick’s child, Masha hit back with her own claim. She said she was ‘appalled’ that there had been claims made to believe she is romantically linked to Jagger, and said there is no truth to rumors. She stated, ‘I wish people would get to know me for my own talent but not believe I am something I am not.’


Chrissie Shrimpton | Then

Jagger started dating model Chrissie Shrimpton in 1963 while he was still a student at the London School of Economics. During their three years together, Chrissie became estranged from her family, would see her estranged from her family and driven to attempt suicide. It was then in 1966 that her lover ended things between the pair for good and it was found that the singer was actually having an affair with Marianne Faithful at the time.


Chrissie Shrimpton | Now

Following their break-up, Chrissie had a hard time coming to terms with the fact Mick broke up with her and attempted to take her life via overdose. Fortunately, she survived the overdose and discovered the affair Jagger was having when she left the hospital. Nevertheless, Jagger would still show up at her house unannounced following their break-up, and she could not help herself but let him in. After years passed, so did the visits from Mick. Chrissie eventually got married and had two children.


Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger | Then

Jade Sheena Jezebel was born in Paris and spent her younger years being looked after by Andy Warhol and traveling around the world. At the age of 14, she was living in England and enrolled in an all-girls boarding school. As she grew older, she became a well-known name within the social scene in England and occasionally modeled. In 1996, Jade created her own jewelry company called, Jade Inc., which created pieces such as the ‘Jagger Dagger’, an 18-carat white gold sword.


Jade Sheena Jezebel Jagger | Now

In 1988, Jade began a relationship with her classmate, Piers Jackson, and the pair, who never married, had two children together – Assisi Lola and Amba Isis. In 2012, she married graphic designer Adrian Fillary, and their son Roy Emmanuel was born in 2014. Roy was born just one month after her daughter Assisi gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Ezra Kay, the first of Jade’s grandchildren. This also marked the moment Mick Jagger became a great-grandfather for the first time.


Marianne Faithfull | Then

Jagger began a relationship with Marianne Faithfull from 1966 until 1970. The relationship started off scandalous, and scandal followed them throughout their time as a couple. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote Faithfull’s song, “As Tears Go By,” and Faithfull achieved great popularity as a singer. However, their eventual split was a result of her much-publicized problem with addiction. Meanwhile, Jagger was having an affair with Anita Pallenberg, and when Faithfull found out, she slept with Jagger’s bandmate, Keith Richards, in revenge.


Marianne Faithfull | Now

Faithful was a successful British singer, songwriter, and actress during the 60’s. However, her time with Jagger saw a decline in her popularity due to her struggles with addiction, and it was only in 1979 that she made a comeback with her new album, “Broken English,” for which she received a Grammy nomination. She produced more albums after this, as well as three books about her life. She has been married and divorced three times in her life and has one child.


Karis Hunt Jagger | Then

When Marsha Hunt gave birth to her daughter Karis, Mick Jagger denied that he was the father in order to not pay any child support. As mentioned, Hunt won the legal battle against the rockstar, and Karis has since been recognized as the eldest of Jagger’s eight children, as well as his eldest daughter. She has a Yale degree in modern history and has also worked as a volunteer teacher and philanthropist. She has also tried work in acting and film production.


Karis Hunt Jagger | Now

Karis Jagger married her husband Jonathan Watson in 2000, where her father gave her away at the wedding. The couple has two children together, making Jagger a grandfather for the first time. Karis was there for her father after the tragic death of his girlfriend L’Wren Scott in 2014, highlighting the close father-daughter relationship that is much improved since her younger years. These days, however, Karis leads a very private life away from being the rockstar’s daughter, unlike her half-siblings.


Linda Ronstadt – Then

It has been said that Mick Jagger dated American singer Linda Ronstadt in 1977 to 1978. Ronstadt expresses that she was persuaded to record “Tumbling Dice” after Mick Jagger came backstage during a concert and said, “You do too many ballads, you should do more rock and roll songs.” She made a guest appearance onstage with the Rolling Stones at the Tucson Community Center on July 21, 1978, in her hometown of Tucson, where she and Jagger sang “Tumbling Dice” together.


Linda Ronstadt – Now

While Mick Jagger was one of the most popular stars of the time, Linda was an impressive singer in her own right. Throughout her career, she has earned 11 Grammy Awards, three American Music Awards, two Academy of Country Music awards, an Emmy Award, and an ALMA Award. Moreover, many of her albums have also been certified gold, platinum or multi-platinum in the United States and internationally. She announced her retirement in 2011 and, in 2013, she revealed she has Parkinson’s disease and “can no longer sing a note.”


Janice Dickinson – Then

During the time Mick was dating Jerry Hall, it seemed he had a couple of liaisons and meetings with the world’s first supermodel, Janice Dickinson. Recalling the moment they met in her autobiography, No Lifeguard On Duty, Janice explains, “The moment we walked through the door, he took my head between his hands, put his big lips on my big lips, and gave me a loud smack.” This was after he sent roses to her hotel room and said to be ready for 7 pm.


Janice Dickinson – Now

While Mick Jagger was certainly not the first and last man to be in Janice’s life, she is now married to Rocky Gerber. She was married and divorced three times before, and she has two children. Janice was one of the most successful models of the 1970s and 1980s, and appeared as a judge on four cycles of America’s Next Top Model, alongside Tyra Banks. She later opened her own modeling agency in 2005, and this was documented on her reality television series, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency.


Sabrina Guinness – Then

She was the heiress no man could resist, and not even Mick Jagger himself could stay away from Sabrina Guinness. While she was in the running to become the wife of Prince Charles one day, it seemed her previous love life led to the demise of her royal relationship and any chance of being Queen of England one day. After just nine months together, her libido lifestyle caught up with her. After all, along with Jagger, Sabrina was linked to Rod Stewart, Jack Nicholson, and Jonathan Aitken.


Sabrina Guinness – Now

Having once been dubbed “the It Girl of her generation” for her high-profile romantic liaisons, Sabrina finally settled down and married Sir Tom Stoppard in 2014. Now also known as Lady Stoppard, she is the heiress to the Guinness family and also established a Youth Cable Television in 1995. With the help of Greg Dyke, the two formed the charity which trains disadvantaged youth to work in television production. Meanwhile, she is also known for the long list of contacts she would have in the media world.


Eva Ensley Mary Scutts – Then

The first woman in Mick’s life was, none other, than his mother, Eva Ensley Mary Scutts. She was born in New South Wales, Australia in 1913, but comes from English descent. She later moved to England where she married Jagger’s dad, Basil Fanshawe “Joe” Jagger, and the pair welcomed two sons, Mick and Chris, who was also a musician. Meanwhile, Eva was a hairdresser herself, while her husband followed in the footsteps of his father and became a teacher.


Eva Ensley Mary Scutts – Now

Eva passed away on 18 May 2000, just after she turned 87-years-old. There is little information to say how Eva spent her final years, or even her relationship with her son following his time in the Rolling Stones. With one of the most famous men as her son, it can only be assumed that she was proud of her son for his achievements, but perhaps not his rock and roll lifestyle. She will, however, always remain to be the first out of the many women that came into Mick’s life.


Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger | Then

Elizabeth was born in New York and is one of the four children Jerry Hall shares with Jagger. The eldest child of the former couple followed in her mother’s footsteps and became a model from a young age. At the age of five, Lizzy was walking in Chanel’s fashion show and made her first appearance on the runway in 1998 alongside her mother for Thierry Mugler. Additionally, she has walked for Tommy Hilfiger and has been the face of the cosmetics giant, Lancome.


Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Scarlett Jagger | Now

Lizzy has continued to have a career in modeling, as well as a few acting stints over the years. Already in her thirties, it is reported that her mother, Hall, is desperate to find her a husband and is playing matchmaker for the talented model. In the meantime, she has been chosen as the representative for the fashion chain Mango, been in television commercials for Marks & Spencer alongside famous supermodels such as Twiggy, and is the model for Hotel ROW NYC.


Noor Alfallah | Then

Noor Alfallah is the latest woman to allegedly be romantically linked to Jagger, although he has been with his current girlfriend, Melanie Hamrick for three years. Noor and Jagger were first spotted at his birthday party at New York’s Bowery Hotel in August 2015, with Hamrick also in attendance. However, since that time Jagger has remained in a serious relationship with Hamrick and has kept quiet on any details on being romantically liked to Noor in any way over the years.


Noor Alfallah | Now

Meanwhile, it has been rumored that the pair’s friendship turned romantic over the past two years, but as soon as Melanie Hamrick fell pregnant with Jagger’s eighth child, he wanted to save her from any embarrassment of his supposed affair. Noor has posted images on her social media which suggest the rumors could be true, with the snaps coming from where the Rolling Stones also happen to be holding a concert. At the age of 23, she is 51 years Jagger’s junior.