Jaw-Dropping Beaches That Are In The Uk

Thinking of the UK doesn’t usually conjure up images of beaming sunshine and white sandy beaches. However, it looks as though the nation could have been sitting on some of the best-kept secrets thanks to the jaw-dropping beaches you wouldn’t believe are in the UK.

Jaw-Dropping Beaches That Are In The Uk

Man Of War Bay, Dorset

Beautiful bays are usually kept to European islands, but not now. No, the Man Of War Bay is found in Dorset where people can enjoy paddling in the calm waters while taking in the scenery.

Shanklin Beach, Isle Of Wight

The golden sands are finished off perfectly with the beach promenade. Here, visitors can enjoy the amusement parks, arcades, and bowling on offer before heading out to take in the jaw-dropping view of Shanklin Beach.

Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

Not only is the sandy beach perfect for building all kinds of sandcastles, but Bamburgh Castle offers up the ideal backdrop for this beach as it stands proud above the waters – as it has done since the 12th-century.

Jaw-Dropping Beaches That Are In The Uk

Durdle Door, Dorset

Durdle Door has grown to become one of the most iconic landscapes in the UK, and it can be easy to see why. It’s a classic part of the Jurassic Coast and is now one part of the natural wonders of the world as a result.

Seilebost Beach, Scotland

Scotland might not cast visions of impressive beaches but look no further. Seilebost Beach is a hugely remarkable stretch of coastline that comes to life even more throughout the beginning of summer thanks to the flowering primroses.

Botany Bay, Kent

If you want to see chalk stacks and the white cliffs, then it might be time to take a trip to Botany Bay. The beach is the perfect place for anyone that loves to explore rock pools and hunt for fossils, too.

Jaw-Dropping Beaches That Are In The Uk

Achmelvich, Scotland

Tucked away in Scotland is yet another jaw-dropping beach that is covered in white sand and surrounded by crystal clear water. A trip to this beach can soon leave many people forgetting they are still in the UK.

The UK is filled with many hidden wonders, including their range of jaw-dropping beaches that many might not believe are found along the coastline. Could it be time to explore this surprising gem of the world?