Top 3 Best Winter Hiking Boots of 2022

There is a sea difference between a summer hike and a winter one. Choosing the perfect winter boots with enough waterproofing, comfortable insulation, and necessary traction is the most critical key here. If you are planning for trudging through snowy trails or muddy tracks all winter long, here are a few tested and tried best pairs to keep your feet healthy and active.

Kodiak Tagish Waterproof Arctic Grip Winter Boot

These are the warmest winter boots on our list, working like wonders in even truly frigid temperatures. A throughout PrimaLoft Gold insulation along with polyurethane footbed and full-grain leather-built upper keeps the creeping cold at bay. The boots can easily withstand single-digit temperature, even paired with just mid-weight woolen socks. Also, the waterproof membrane of the Tagish boot is perfect to seal out water and soft snow on a wet hiking trail.


This one is the most supportive winter boots on our list, which is best for carrying heavy winter-trail backpacks. The Riserva boots can handle even 50 pounds of loads easily. The comfy but firm PU midsole helps to shift the shape weight of the boot from the outside to the heel. Taking advantage of the motion, the outsole supplies ample shock absorption. On a slippery trail like frozen swamps, where the heavy packs become heavier hazards, the tall leather cuffed boots can provide consistent traction with the same Vibram Octopus Multi-Surface outsole completed with 5-millimeter-deep lugs.

Merrell Thermo Rogue 3 Mid GTX

The Thermo Rogue has the best traction within the winter boots segment, delivering the best performances on sloppy surfaces. While the original was the winner of the Winter Gears Editors’ Choice Award in 2018, this new updated version comes with beefed-up outsoles for the best grip. With a sturdier Vibram Arctic Grip and a modified lug pattern, these boots stand out on any surface, starting from late-season slippery ice to wet snow, or from muddy slush to early spring steep dirt. The new lug pattern includes a New Vibram Traction Lug technology, which upgrades the boot’s regular lugs by placing smaller ‘micro’ lugs on top. As a result, it improves traction by boosting the surface area up to around 50 percent.

The World’s Thinnest Suitcase Is Just Two Inches

Whether you’re the person who loves to travel and see the world on a regular basis, or whether you’re the kind of person that travels for work, you’ll know that finding the right kind of luggage to suit your needs can be difficult. After all, you need your suitcase to be large enough to fit all of your clothes and other possessions when you are on the road, but you also need your case to be small enough to store if you have limited storage space in your home. Amazingly, one brand seems to have come up with the perfect solution to this problem.

The World’s Thinnest Suitcase Is Just Two Inches

Keeping It Away

Even if you haven’t been away for months, there’s a high chance that you can tell us exactly where your suitcase is stored. That’s because you probably had to search high and low for a space that is big enough to house such a large item. Yes, luggage cases are great when you want to pack two weeks’ worth of clothing into one case for a weekend getaway, but they’re not so great when you return home. In fact, luggage is stored for 90% of its life, so why do we choose cases that are just so big?

The World’s Thinnest Suitcase Is Just Two Inches

A Happy Medium

A company by the name of Rollink has been working on this problem for many years now, and they have realized that luggage cases need to be both compact and large at the same time. While it may seem as though this is an impossible task – we think they’ve nailed it. That’s because they have now come up with a collapsible hard-case luggage bag that folds down to a tiny 2.3 inches wide. When you need to use the Flex Aura case, you can pop it open and fit as much as you need into the one case. How cool is that?

In terms of problem-solving, these guys have won.