At 61, Bob Saget Confesses Truth

Bob Saget is undoubtedly one of the most beloved dads in the history of sitcoms. The man behind Full House‘s patriarch Danny Tanner has seen many twists and turns in his life, but has he finally opens up and everyone is talking…

Time To Confess

In recent times, Saget has revitalized his life with a reboot of his classic show in the form of Netflix’s Fuller House, amongst other things. But something else is leaving everyone talking…

Dicing With Death

Saget actually had a close shave with death before his career even took off. In an article from the 1990 Saturday Evening Post, he said, “I was a cocky, overweight twenty-two-year-old. Then I had a gangrenous appendix taken out, almost died, and I got over being cocky or overweight.” After medics applied ice to the area before eventually taking out the appendix, only then did they realize that it was gangrenous. But even this is not the big news concerning fans.

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Doctor Dreams

In his formative years, before he had finally committed to pursuing a career in acting, Saget was seriously interested in becoming a doctor. This was before his English teacher, Elaine Zimmerman, persuaded him to become an actor. She saw great creative potential in him and believed that he could use his confident, charismatic personality to great effect. Upon Mrs. Zimmerman’s advice, young Bob began his pursuit. Although he didn’t become a doctor, medical matters would remain an important part of his life, for better or for worse…

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College Years

After high school, Saget made a big move into the world of acting when he attended a film school at Temple University. In 1977, he made a short documentary titled Through Adam’s Eyes. It was about a young boy born with a genetic defect, who ended up having facial reconstructive surgery. He received awards for his work and graduated the following year. However, after starting a graduate course in California, he decided to drop out just a few days later.

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Big Break

Despite this setback, it seemed like it was written in the stars for Saget to inevitably burst onto the acting scene. He had a brief spell on CBS’ The Morning Show before finally getting his big break on the 80s sitcom Full House. Saget was cast as man of the house Danny Tanner, starring alongside fellow eventual household names such as John Stamos and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The show would ultimately develop into a classic. However, there was more to Saget than just Full House

Juggling Roles

Like any professional actor, Saget would eventually have the responsibility of balancing numerous roles. In 1989, the actor became the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos and helmed the show for eight straight years. This meant that he was working regularly on both Full House and AFV at the same time. He eventually returned to AFV for the 20th Anniversary Special in 2009. But there was another project he worked on in the 90s that was much closer to his heart…

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In Memory Of…

In 1993, tragedy turned its ugly head when Saget lost his sister, Gay Saget. By the time she was diagnosed with scleroderma, it was too late for Gay. “No one should have to suffer as my sister Gay did,” Saget said. “She was 44…She had been living in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, but moved back to [L.A.] to be with my parents as they sought medical care for her. Two years later, she passed away.” How did Saget cope with such a huge loss?

Art Was The Ultimate Healer

In order to process the pain of losing his sister, brother Bob turned to the most logical source of comfort he could find, the arts. In 1996, he directed a TV movie for ABC titled For Hope. Inspired by the events that had recently transpired, the movie told the story of a woman who contracts the aforementioned skin disease. However, it wasn’t just through art that Saget dealt with this huge tragedy. He realized that much more needed to be done…

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Time To Take Action

Eventually, Saget became a board member of the Scleroderma Research Foundation. As a result of his efforts, celebrities such as Regina Hall have been treated before it was too late. Saget is determined to make sure that people don’t meet the same fate as his sister. “Unfortunately, rheumatologists in a lot of places don’t have very many scleroderma patients come through their labs, and no one knew what to do with her,” he said. “I wish I’d known then what I know now.”

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Fighting For The Same Cause

Despite there being more than one foundation tackling the disease, Saget is determined to make sure that they all collaborate towards a common goal. “There’s also a Scleroderma Foundation, and we’re separate from them, but one of the Scleroderma Foundation board heads is also on the Scleroderma Research Foundation board. We’re all basically trying to cure the same thing,” he said. “Our organization has raised $25 million for research…A number of celebrities sign on, which helps to give the disease a higher profile.”

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Box Office Bomb

A few years after his sister’s death, Saget got the opportunity to direct his first feature movie. It was a year after leaving AFV when Saget directed 1998’s Dirty Work. The flick was poorly received critically and commercially. However, it became somewhat of a cult classic. This is in no small part due to Howard Stern, who popularized the movie by lambasting it on his show on numerous occasions. But this small setback would be undone soon enough…

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How I Was Your Father

Saget added a new string to his bow when he provided his voice for the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother in 2005. Saget acted as the narrator of the show, portraying the future version Ted Mosby who tells his kids about the years leading up to the time he met their mother. Saget’s narration was a trademark feature of the show and the source of much comedy. However, fans weren’t happy with how the creators used Saget in one particular episode…

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Finale Fail

In the series finale, the kids finally found out exactly how Ted met their mother. And Saget, like always, provided the voice of the narrator – future Ted. However, fans were unhappy with the way the show came to an end. Fans considered it a missed opportunity when future Ted was finally revealed in the last few scenes of the show. Some wanted Saget to actually play Ted when he was revealed, while some wish that Josh Radnor’s was dubbed with Saget’s voice.

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Dedicated To Dad

Saget once again used his performing skills as a coping mechanism after losing another loved one. His father, Ben Saget, sadly passed away at the age of 89 after complications from heart failure. So Saget took to the stage and performed on the HBO stand-up show That Ain’t Right. It was an extreme departure from his approachable persona on Full House, as he poked fun at serious topics such as life after divorce, his parents’ personal life and much more…

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Hitting The Books

In light of the many tragedies he faced, Saget took to the typewriter and wrote the 2014 book Dirty Daddy. He dealt with all the troubles he’s faced both on and off screen. Also, he described the effect that losing loved ones has had on him. Due to the huge sales that the book made, Saget was able to promote the book even further via a series of tours. He traveled far and wide, gracing many fans with The Dirty Daddy Tour.

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Mr. Lonely

At one point, Saget was happily married to Sherri Kramer. However, after 15 years together, their relationship came to an end in 1997. Despite having three daughters together, the couple simply couldn’t carry on. According to Saget, it would be his final chance at pure happiness. “I didn’t think I’d have a relationship again,” he said. “I was kind of in that ‘just work, make people happy and take care of your kids until they’re 90’ mindset.” But there’s one person who Saget has always been able to count on…

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Life Saver

Bob Saget and John Stamos have been tight ever since working together on Full House. In fact, they’re so close that they once saved someone’s life. “A woman’s car got hit, and we jumped out of our car because nobody else stopped,” he said. “We started knocking on her door, and she seemed unconscious for a moment. Then this poor lady wakes up, and what she sees is me and John Stamos, dressed like Danny and Uncle Jesse, looking into her window.”

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The Odd Couple

Stamos isn’t the only guy who Saget has a bromance with. Although it may be surprising that he hangs out with John Mayer, there is a beautiful reason for this. The musician has performed at a handful of Saget’s charity functions. “He’s one of my dearest friends. I love him,” Saget said. He went on to share a story about how the pair took over a bar lounge with Michael Bolton and played a rendition of Bill Withers’ “Lean On Me.”

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Buddies Reunited

In 2015, John Stamos starred in the ABC sitcom Grandfathered. Excited by his new role, Stamos was determined to perform once again with his long-time screen buddy Saget. And that is exactly what happened. Bob made two cameos on the show, which naturally made diehard Full House fans foam at the mouth. They were delighted to see their two favorite characters ruffling each other’s feathers once again. But fans had little to worried about, as the best was yet to come…

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The Reboot

In 2016, Netflix did the seemingly impossible and brought most of the cast of Full House back together to release a reboot of the show titled Fuller House. Saget, Stamos and the gang were excited to reprise their respective roles, with some retaining their main cast status, while others were cast in recurring roles. Still, the magic of Full House was, once again, in full effect. However, there is one elephant in the room that is nearly impossible to ignore…

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Where Are My Twins?

Despite the resurgence of Full House, fans were hit with the news that original stars of the show, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen decided not to reprise their shared role of Michelle Tanner. This was mainly because Ashley had not acted for a long time and was reluctant to start over, and if one couldn’t do it, both wouldn’t. But what was Saget’s opinion on the matter? Was he bothered that his on-screen daughters were not involved?

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Defending His Girls

Although Saget was ultimately sad that the Olsen twins refused to take part in the project, he respected their decision. “People should do what they want with their lives, and when they’re 9 months old and they get a job, they have a right to stop doing it,” he said. “I love them very, very much, Ashley and Mary-Kate, and they love what they do and acting is not what they want to do. People should do what they want to do.”

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Hope Springs

It was during this time that Saget was introduced to a pretty lady by a mutual friend. Her name was Kelly Rizzo and the pair instantly hit it off. However, Rizzo wasn’t fazed by Saget’s superstardom. “I don’t really see him as Danny Tanner,” Rizzo said in an interview with Michigan Ave Magazine. “To me, he’s just Bobby, my love.” In the blink of an eye, Saget’s fortunes in the love department turned upside down. However, it wasn’t just the actor who loved Rizzo…

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New Mother Figure

Saget only had good things to say about his new love. To make things even more special, Rizzo was quickly becoming one of the family. “My daughters love her!” he said. “She’s a remarkable person, and she’s really talented. She’s got her own website and streaming series called Eat Travel Rock.” To get the seal of approval from Aubrey, Lara Melanie and Jennifer Belle was a massive step for Rizzo. “I’m happier today,” Bob said. “I’m the youngest 61-year-old I know!”

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Travel Buddies

Also, it’s not just family life that is back on the rise for him. Saget’s newfound love has given him such a fresh lease of life that he simply can not sit still. The couple regularly post photos on social media, documenting their travels around the world. Since becoming an item, Saget and Rizzo have already been to New York, Las Vegas and even Cabo San Lucas. But there is one heartwarming detail that makes this romance even more special…

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Double Date

Saget is so comfortable around Rizzo that he is even prepared to go on nights out with her and some of his closest friends. The most notable couple they go on double dates with is Saget’s best friend, John Stamos. Since they started dating, Rizzo has already struck a close bond with Stamos’ partner, Caitlin McHugh. But this is not where Saget and Stamos’ bromance ends, by any means. You can rest assured that the four will have plenty to celebrate after the recent news…

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Big News!

Just three days after Saget shared his thoughts on the Fuller House issue with the Olsen twins, he had a major announcement to make. Bob Saget and his girlfriend of two years, Kelly Rizzo, were officially engaged. Millions actually found out after spotting an Instagram photo that showed Rizzo wearing an engagement ring while out on a double date with some friends. It was an amazing turn of events for the actor. But Saget and Rizzo weren’t the only two with reasons to celebrate…

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Joint Wedding?

Not only does Saget have his engagement with Rizzo to be joyous about. His on-screen brother-in-law, John Stamos, also proposed to Caitlin McHugh a few months ago! It seems like there’s a strong chance that both couples could end up getting married at similar times. Who knows? Maybe they could have a joint wedding. Whatever happens, it looks like Rizzo and McHugh might both have new candidates to consider for potential bridesmaids. Yet there’s even more important milestones to consider…

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Full House?

“I love his fiancee, I love Caitlin. I’m happy for both of them,” Saget said. “He’s my brother, so I have a sister-in-law.” But that wasn’t all, the actor was also quick to comment on the potential of seeing his buddy and his fiance eventually have kids. Would Danny Tanner be the godfather? “I got nothing to do with that!” he joked. “When it happens, I’d love to be around. I’ll take selfies.” It seems like life could end up imitating art for Saget and Stamos.

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Happy Ending

There is no denying that Bob Saget has had a rollercoaster of a life both on and off the screen. Despite facing much adversity in his life, such as failed relationships and losing loved ones through terminal illnesses, Saget always bounces back louder and stronger. Now, it seems like the Full House legend has finally got the happy ending he has wanted for so long. No matter what the future holds, Bob Saget will always find a way to look on the bright side of life.

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