Hilarious Yearbook Entries That Will Make You Cry With Laughter

The yearbook is a huge moment in the lives of practically every high school student. You are on the verge of college and after years of hard work, studying, patience, and perseverance, you have moved on to the next stage of education. However, there is no denying that there must have been a couple of obstacles along the way to that entry into your yearbook. This is what makes your yearbook photo and quote so important – no matter what happened in high school, that is how people will remember you years later. These people have made some truly legendary yearbook entries that are bound to make you cry with laughter.

Just A Lil’ Yearbook Joke

Sometimes, all it takes is a little bit of inspiration from a hit song to make your yearbook entry worthwhile, and many students use lyrics as inspiration.

yearbook 1

Take this pair of students, who obviously didn’t know what to have written under their names. All they needed was Lil’ Jon’s “Get Low” to steal the show.

No Shame In The Game

When it comes to the yearbook, some students need to just set things straight. Take Makenzie Goluba, for example. Word around the school was that she was potentially carrying a baby.

yearbook 2

She laughed at these wild rumors, and decided to clear the air with a cheeky little statement: “not pregnant, just eatin’ good.” Do you want to know how we feel about it? We say: good for you, Makenzie! Don’t let anyone tell you how to eat, or how much.

Liar, Liar

Every story has at least two sides to it. If you hear one thing, be prepared to find out the exact opposite from another source. When Brandon Dawson decided to claim that everyone thinks he’s a really nice person, Tasha Deeter seemed to be quick to challenge that statement.

yearbook 4

Heck, she decided to call Brandon out on his false opinion of himself in her own yearbook entry. We think that means that Tasha is the one who’s right…

She Didn’t Choose The Single Life, The Single Life Chose Her

When you don’t have someone out there who you can call your partner in life, it can affect everything you do. It seems like singlehood is a bit of an issue for Morgan Worley.

yearbook 5

So much so that she chose to let everyone at school know that she’s still single. All we’ll say is this: Morgan, you’re still young. Don’t worry about being single right now. You’ve got college for that.

Modest Maxwell

Looks like we’ve got quite the wordsmith in our ranks in the form of Maxwell Barrett. With the subtlest of yearbook quotes, Maxwell was able to compliment himself while also suggesting a little bit more about himself.

yearbook 6

The thing is, half of the other people in this yearbook probably won’t get the duality of this little joke. All you need to know is that Maxwell is both funny and has a lot of style in that big ol’ closet of his.

The Over-Share

After a year of intense studying, the one thing that Tyler Bentley was remembered for the most was her incessant laughing. People often looked around at each other and asked themselves, “what’s so funny?”

yearbook 8

It became something of a mystery. Was Tyler in on a joke that no one else got? Then, her yearbook entry cleared everything up: it was because her farts were making her laugh. This meant that she farted before every laugh, which in turn, meant that she farted all the time.

Never Too Old

If you don’t know what Spongebob Squarepants is, then where have you been for the last 20 years? The reality is that this Nickelodeon classic is bound to stand the test of time due to its Shakespearean depth and sheer wit. Also, it’s kinda funny.

yearbook 9

Wouldn’t it be awesome if these two yearbook entrants ended up falling in love and having kids who would one day have the same entries in their own yearbook? We can only hope.

Missy Knows Best

If you’re going to have an entry in your yearbook, you might as well “Get Your Freak On” while doing it. Seems like Hannah called upon her hip-hop heroine Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliot as inspiration for her quote.

yearbook 10

The lady who is heavily connected to producer Timbaland must be extremely proud that the youth of today are quoting her lyrics in the closing chapters of their high school lives. Just make sure Hannah that you get no “One Minute Man.”


Obviously, it is very important to have self-confidence and to believe in yourself. However, the Ego can soon take over and turn people into horrible human beings. We’re not saying that Garrett Syke is an example.

yearbook 12

He appears to be a pretty nice individual. However, we can’t help but worry for him in light of his yearbook entry. According to Garrett, he gets butterflies when he thinks of himself. To be honest, we didn’t know that someone could love themselves that much.

Quoting A Legend

Young people are always looking for inspiration to help them move forward in life. One legendary historical figure that this yearbook entrant decided to quote was none other than Martin Luther King Jr.

yearbook 13

Of course, Dr. King will be remembered for many of the most inspiring quotes in modern history, most notably, his “I Have A Dream” speech. So when this student decided to pull out a quote about the Civil Rights leader’s taco experience, we feel like maybe he missed the point.

Not A Morning Person

Life is hard, and one can become overwhelmed with the trials and tribulations that life throws at them, especially during one’s adolescence. Young men around the world know that they are going to have to face a lot of pressures as they get older.

yearbook 14

Relationships, finances and legal issues are just a handful of responsibilities that one has to emotionally prepare themselves for during their formative years. So wake up, shake off those worries, and go to school.

Classic Schwartz!

When Greg Schwartz is in town, make sure to be on the lookout. According to this yearbook, this guy is a pure casanova when it comes to the ladies – so much so that he’ll steal his best friend’s girlfriend, without hesitation.

yearbook 16

The guy will do whatever it takes to have as many girls as possible that he’ll compromise his own friendships in the process. Seems like love has clouded his judgment, and Greg is firmly on the dark side of the Schwartz.

Giving Credit Wear Credit Is Do

There are two possible reasons that explain this yearbook entry. Either the guy couldn’t spell “right,” making his statement completely ironic. Or, he is just unable to articulate the fact that WHS has made him a decent, upstanding citizen.

yearbook 18

“I learned to right good” could easily mean that he now knows how to do the right thing now. Let’s face it though, this guy can’t spell and has probably done a few naughty things during his time at WHS.

An Honest Vegetarian

It seems like Ankit Jain uses the art of eating as an excuse to take his frustrations out on the world. Adopting a diet can be for a variety of different reasons. Some abstain from certain foods out of religious obligation, while others are animal rights advocates.

yearbook 20

Then there are those who do it for health reasons. However, this one high school student only eats vegetarian meals because of how much he hates plants! Sounds weird but, probably legit.

Just One Time

Jason Avina is on the verge of securing a place in his college of choice. After years of studying, patience and persistence, all of his hard work has paid off.

yearbook 21

However, out of all the brain food he could have eaten to help him along the way, he only ever ate one bagel in his lifetime. While this may not seem like the most extreme thing in the world, we are of the opinion that Jason has a lot of catching up to do.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

The power of sarcasm – it’s a skill that the masses just don’t seem to have. Only a select few are blessed with such a superpower. One of those people is Alixandra Garcia.

yearbook 22

Amazingly, she is able to conceal her mean nature so well that for most people, it comes across as a joke! People don’t realize that she is a pure misanthrope and doesn’t actually want the attention. It seems like her expert sarcasm backfired on her.

Dropping Some Knowledge

Many high school seniors decide to use one of the great thinkers of our time for their yearbook quote. Albert Einstein, Plato, and William Shakespeare seem to be the usual choices.

yearbook 23

But James Curtin decided to go out on a limb and credit one of the most overlooked deep philosophers of our time – none other than “Thong Song” crooner Sisto. With lyrics that truly speak to the heart, it’s a travesty that he’s been previously overlooked until now. Thanks James.


Madi Genz is pretty much the definition of a classic Type-A overachiever. She has committed herself to excelling in every area of her life, and it’s clear that the culinary world is no exception to her ambitious spirit.

yearbook 24

Many girls feel the intense societal pressure to consume as little food as possible, but Madi throws that backwards attitude straight to the garbage, where it belongs. She goes to show that nothing can stop those of us who dream big.

That Spelling, Though

John Wayne is the classic man’s man. A true rough rider, he’s considered the ultimate example of masculinity, especially in his cowboy roles. He’s also given the world a great deal of wisdom through his words, which are still quoted to this day.

yearbook 25

So using something by him is a classic choice for a yearbook quote – except for the fact that there’s a slight spelling error here. If only the yearbook editors had done a quick spell check.

That’s What She Quoted

We’re not sure why, but we have a suspicious that Raunak Manandhar has a slight obsession with The Office. While this quote isn’t clearly funny to those who’ve never seen the cult classic TV show, as fans of the program, we instantly recognized Scott’s favorite catchphrases.

yearbook 26

We give major credit to Raunak and breaking away from the crowd – who usually go for the same boring, faux-deep quotes – and doing something completely different and totally hilarious.

Shake And Bake

This picture is definitely the best use of neighboring photos that we’ve ever seen in a yearbook. We’re really glad that the yearbook photographer decided to go along with these two class clowns’ idea and perfectly executed it.

yearbook 27

This joke is a reference to the Will Ferrell movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad Of Ricky Bobby. In the movie, Ricky Bobby and his best friend Cal Naughton are known for their distinctive fist bump, which these guys are paying tribute to.

The Spam Folder

Having a name that’s unusual or hard to pronounce can lead to a lot of issues for a kid, especially in the ruthless environment that is high school.

yearbook 28

But Segun Akigbogun has decided to show his sense of humor and that he’s able to laugh at himself, as he’s decided to poke a bit of fun at his own background. Referencing notorious email scams that promise victims quick and easy cash, Segun proves that he’s a true class act.

A Can-Do Attitude

At first glance, you would think of Yunosuke Shigeta as a classic over achiever. His yearbook credits list several years in top clubs, including ASB and the wrestling team.

yearbook 29

However, Yunosuke shows his sense of humor with a totally absurd and hilarious year book quote. Rather than going for some attempt at being profound, he uses self deprecation in order to subtly poke fun at the inspirational quotes which are so overused by many of his classmates.

Not A Typo

As the old saying goes, “The Best Defense Is A Good Offense,” and Carlos Carlos totally embodies the spirit of that quote.

yearbook 30

At first glance, reading his name causes an instant reaction along the lines of Why would his parents do that to him? Carlos apparently shares the same sentiment, and decided to beat us to the punch with his yearbook quote. Short, sweet, and to the point, it causes us to laugh with him, not at him.

The King Of The Dad Joke

Bumb Akvit’s year book quote starts off the same as many other people’s, who usually thank their parents for getting them to this point in their life. However, Bumb has decided to go completely off the rails and thank his own body parts for literally carrying him to this point.

yearbook 31

His absurd humor works, and makes us laugh because of the sheer silliness of what he’s saying. Now that he’s graduated, he may have a career in comedy coming up.

Taking A Stand

Some yearbook quotes are sappy and sentimental, expressing the bittersweet feeling of leaving behind the best time in your life in favor of new adventures on the horizon.

yearbook 32

However, it’s clear from her yearbook quote that Agboke Toluwalope is just straight up over it. She’s tired of her name being mispronounced, and she’s got no time for reminiscing. She wants her diploma and her name not to be butchered at graduation – and we don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

Silence The Doubters

Sofia Kaplan has decided to call out the haters in her senior quote, but her biggest hater is someone that you probably wouldn’t expect – her own mom!

yearbook 33

Sweetly poking fun at their dynamic, she pays tribute to the woman who raised her by revealing that her mom didn’t exactly have faith in her academic prowess is a risky move – but one that’s paid off. She’s made her mom’s doubts public, and Sofia has shown that she can do whatever she puts her mind to.

Ladies’ Man

With a name like Keegan Large and an appearance to match, “Ladies’ Man isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we see him. But from his smooth yearbook quote, it’s clear that Keegan actually does have some tricks up his sleeve.

yearbook 34

They say that you should never judge a book by its cover, and there’s a good reason for that. Keegan is living proof that you don’t have to look like Fabio to get the ladies.

Spellcheck Is There For A Reason

Gucci Mane, for those of you who aren’t up to date with the times, is a popular rap artist, but is hardly considered the bard of his generation.

yearbook 35

That didn’t stop Jared Gallagher by using some of the Atlanta-based rapper’s lyrics for his year book quote, though. Jared has decided to pay tribute to Gucci Mane by writing his quote basically phonetically, or as close as possible to the way that Gucci Mane would pronounce this phase.

Shameless Self-Promotion

Long gone are the days when aspiring rappers would come up to you on the street with their demo tape (and later, demo CD) and beg you to listen to it.

yearbook 36

Now, with the advent of modern technology and social media, self-promotion is as easy as spamming everyone with a link to your SoundCloud or YouTube account. Marvin Biano has decided to enshrine his SoundCloud account in history forever by using it as his yearbook quote.

Words Hurt

Much like the dumb blonde character Karen in Mean Girls (“It’s like I have ESPN or something!) this blonde bombshell knows what assumptions people make about her when they first see her.

yearbook 37

She’s decided to beat them to the punch, however, by first and foremost making fun of herself. Her quote is the perfect example of self deprecation that actually makes us take a second and think about our presumptions and why we make them. You go, girl.

Wait For It…

Emily and Benjamin had been best friends ever since childhood, because of their last names. Due to the fact that their last names started with the same letter, they were always seated next to each other in class all the way up to senior year.

yearbook 38

Since they knew they would be next to each other in the year book, they decided to make the best of it by quoting legendary Barnie Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.

Use Your Emojination

The older generation loves to complain about the negative effects that social media and Internet culture are having on today’s youth. James Royel basically decided to take this to the next level.

yearbook 39

Rather than writing something profound or self reflective in his year book quote, he decided to use a series of emojis in order to communicate his thoughts, as well as show off. We’re still not sure exactly what this camel, American flag, and smiley face mean.

Triple The Fun

Being one of a set of triplets is already basically a set up for a joke. There are so many practical joke possibilities just by being born with two siblings already.

yearbook 40

These triplets – named Kassidy, Keaton, and Kylee – all share the same first initial and apparently, the same sense of humor. In the yearbook, as they knew they’d be next to each other, they decided to just go for it with an incredibly silly knock knock joke that made us smile.

Just To Be Clear…

It’s always tough having a common name – and people will usually make assumptions that you’re related. Especially when you all share a natural origin, as these four girls are all the children of immigrants from Vietnam, and share similar hair.

yearbook 41

But even though they don’t actually look alike, they’re constantly being asked if they’re twins, quadruplets, cousins, aunts, or any other variation of family. They’ve decided in their senior year book quotes to epically clarify once and for all that they’re not related.

Life’s Not Fair

“Rebel Without A Cause” is a classic movie for a reason. While Aditya Tammana is not exactly James Dean, he perfectly embodies teenage rebellion that is considered an essential part of adolescence.

yearbook 42

America’s Constitution is the foundation of its society, and the First Amendment right to free speech is what Aditya is trying to use for his yearbook quote. However, the man has decided to strike him down and won’t allow him to truly express himself.

An American Pastime

Typically, jocks aren’t stereotyped as being the brightest bulbs in the box. And, most of the time, two heads are better than one. The thinking goes that if you have two guys with half a brain working together, they’ll be able to puzzle something out, eventually.

yearbook 43

However, this confusing yearbook quote has us doubting that line of thought. Is it an inside joke? Did one of them screw up their line? In any case, we hope they’re still good buddies.


Planning ahead is always awesome. Whether it’s writing a letter to yourself to be opened in a year’s time, or expertly mapping out your future goals so you can achieve your dreams, a little foresight goes a long way.

yearbook 44

Paulyn Trinh has taken this to the next level – she’s designed her yearbook quote to show off to her future kids. It’s actually brilliant – she knows this is permanent proof that she was a hottie back in her glory days.

C’s Get Degrees

Athletic high school senior Hugh Vo has decided to playfully poke fun at the meathead stereotype by lambasting himself with a purposely grammatically incorrect year book quote.

yearbook 45

Playing off the stereotype that bodybuilders aren’t usually the sharpest tool in the shed, Hugh writes that he knows the value of a good education – we’re guessing that based on his physique, he’s gotten a full scholarship to a university due to his athletic skills – but will always remain close to his jock roots.

Something Doesn’t Add Up…

According to Zachary Chastain, he is a single mother who happens to be a teenage male with no children. As far as we are concerned, we completely understand what he means.

yearbook 3

Sometimes, you just feel like you’re in the wrong body, and your mind and spirit are somewhere completely different. Maybe one day, Zachary will get a sex change, become a woman, have no partner, and adopt a child. But until that day comes, all we can say is the following: “huh?”

Quoting A Scholar

So you finished the year at school. After many days spent in a variety of classes and numerous hours of studying for all those life-changing tests, you realize something: there must be more to life than school.

yearbook 7

So you turn on your TV, and what comes on? That’s right folks – Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Suddenly, it’s all so clear. The real reality can be found in reality TV and numerous words of wisdom, such as this one, will stay with you forever.


The creative possibilities for twin yearbook entries are endless. However, this pair of twins decided to get pretty real about their origins. According to Katherine Andrews Henderson, she was the twin who was actually planned, while Rebecca claims that she wasn’t.

yearbook 11

She doesn’t seem to be bothered about that either. But here’s the big flaw in their joke: nobody plans for twins. Also, how are you supposed to know which twin was actually planned in the first place? We don’t buy it.

Sharing A Private Moment

Some people are just fascinated with all things science related, while others have severe mother issues. It seems like Aaron Portillo has an extreme combination of the two.

yearbook 15

He trusts his fellow students enough that he feels prepared to share a very deep secret about what he does sometimes in the bathtub. All those science lessons seemed to overwhelm Aaron and peak his interest when it came to all things womb-related. “So this is how it felt,” he recalls.

Joanna’s Guide To Success

If you ever need a de-motivational speaker, Joanna Clark is the number one girl to turn to. As far as she’s concerned, Joanne believes that if you do something bad enough, then you’ll never have to do it again.

yearbook 17

This means that in the long run, you’ll get less work to do! However, it wasn’t Joanna who conjured up this groundbreaking philosophy. She was heavily inspired by Paris Hilton, which makes perfect sense when you think about it.

Know Your Role

It appears that Mitchell Wieland has what it takes to become a tremendous actor. He goes by the motto, “Remember to always be yourself, unless you suck. Then pretend to be someone else.”

yearbook 19

That is pretty much the mantra that every successful Hollywood star goes by. The movie industry is laden with unsavory people who are able to adopt different personalities depending on their role. One thing is for sure: Mitchell Wieland is destined for the bright lights.