7 Things You Should Never Wear on a Plane, According to Travel Experts

What Not to Wear

Airlines are a very convenient mode of travel, even with all those rules and regulations. While there are no strict rules in terms of dress code other than basic decency in most airlines, experts and experienced travelers have offered some tips as to what not to wear. The next time you’re on a plane or plan to fly, keep these pointers in mind to avoid being kicked out and to have a smooth travel experience:



It is perfectly understandable that you are heading to a warm destination and want to dress comfortably, it is also important for you to think of the journey and not just the destination. On the journey, there can be many risky places for you including the carpet and under the seats that might have been washed/ shampooed a while back. It is advisable for passengers to always wear shoes while heading to the bathroom just to be safe.

Objectionable Outfits

Unbeknownst to many passengers, most airlines have the right to refuse boarding or service to people with offensive clothes. While there are specific aspects in different regions and airlines, the general guidelines are concerned with derogatory text, print, or general obscenity. So, to ensure a smooth journey, don regular decent clothes otherwise you might face issues in terms of changing or deboarding from the plane.



Being comfortable on the plane is naturally one of the priorities, but as you would still be in public, wearing clothes that are generally comfortable can be a good alternative. Flight attendants recommend wearing pants like Athleta’s Balance Pants which are just as comfortable as pajamas. In business class, however, passengers are provided with pajamas that are acceptable to be worn throughout the flight and should be replaced before landing.


As a general rule, while traveling, it has been advised to avoid wearing just one layer of clothing due to the unpredictability of temperature and situations. So, it’s just good sense to be prepared for any circumstances by wearing layers, be it even a thin jacket over a T-shirt, so that depending on your comfort level over time, you can wear or take the layers off.


Wearing perfume is good sense when traveling. But it is also important to keep in mind that the same fragrance might elicit different responses from different people. So, avoid wearing any fragrances that are too strong so that your co-passengers are also comfortable in the enclosed environment that is the airplane cabin.

A Virtual Tour of the Great Barrier Reef Is Now Available Online

As travel has become limited all over the world, people have started using their computers to “go out.” As exploring different locations through the internet becomes more and more popular, new virtual tours are being developed daily, and the latest one is that of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, the new tour reveals the amazing ecosystems of the reef for people across the globe.

The Great Barrier Reef Is Among the Most Complex Ecosystems in the World

 Great Barrier Reef
A Virtual Tour of the Great Barrier Reef Is Now Available Online

The interactive journey of the Great Barrier Reef navigates virtual explorers through many breathtaking views, having the British historian David Attenborough as the guide. Online adventurers will receive useful and interesting information while observing stunning views, hundreds of species of coral, and more than 1,500 species of fish — all from the comfort of their own homes!

In an interview, Attenborough said that the reef is one of the most spectacular and complex ecosystems in the world, but that it’s also very fragile. During the introduction video, the historian explains how he dived the reef for the first time around 60 years ago, and it became a source of life-long fascination for him.

David Attenborough Shares Interesting Information About the Reef

David Attenborough
A Virtual Tour of the Great Barrier Reef Is Now Available Online

During the tour of the reef, everything is explained to the viewer, from what the reef would sound like to the local fish to how coral grows. The effects that greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide, have on the reef are also described and explained. Attenborough hopes that this virtual tour will raise awareness regarding the reef, its beauty, and the importance of preserving it.

The virtual tour comes with a map that shows viewers how many kilometers they’ve traveled through the reef. Knowing that it takes around 2,300 kilometers or around 1,400 miles of the Australian coastline, people should consider the fact that it’s more than twice as big as any other coral reef around the world. Certainly, the reef is the home of views that are worth experiencing, even from the comfortable couch at home.