Favorite Tour Operators Ready to Help Plan for a Memorable Trip

A capable tour operator can easily turn an enjoyable vacation into a wonderful experience, which you will cherish your entire life.

Whether you wish to go on a safari in Tanzania, a bicycle tour in Italy, or a romantic escape in the Caribbean, you must choose the right tour company to make your wishes come true. Here are a few reputable tour operators that you should consider entrusting with your next vacation.

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Favorite Tour Operators Ready to Help Plan for a Memorable Trip

Thomson Family Adventures

Thomson Family Adventures is a family-oriented tour operator. They aim to create one-of-a-kind, safe adventures that engage, entertain, and educate travelers of all ages. They want parents and children to forge a strong bond with each other and with nature by helping them explore new places and discover new cultures. They offer destinations on all continents, including Antarctica.

InsideJapan Tours

InsideJapan Tours is a market-leading tour operator that will help travelers discover “The Land of the Rising Sun” in a unique way. They organize remarkable group and individual voyages that enable people to get completely submerged in Japan’s culture and way of life. They offer a broad range of experiences such as honeymoons, family trips, photography tours, skiing, diving, and more. Visit Japan as few people have done it!

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Favorite Tour Operators Ready to Help Plan for a Memorable Trip

Jacada Travel

Founded in 2008 by Alex Malcolm, Jacada Travel is a five-star tour operator that can organize vacations to numerous destinations. They take pride in designing once-in-a-lifetime journeys for individuals and groups who value luxury in all its forms.

Discover Mind-Blowing Natural Areas

Terra Incognita Ecotours

Terra Incognita Ecotours is an award-winning travel agency that specializes in responsible travel to natural areas. Their customers can discover the wildlife of Peninsula Valdes, meet red apes in Borneo, wander the Pantanal – South American Savannah, and more.

Classic Journeys

This traveling agency is known for handcraft trips of a lifetime. It offers intimate, fun, and luxurious vacations to different countries and regions such as France, Italy, North America, Cuba, the Asian Pacific, and more.

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Favorite Tour Operators Ready to Help Plan for a Memorable Trip

Help your next trip with one of these operators and enjoy the quality time you deserve.

Ají Negro: The Flavorful Traditional Peruvian Condiment

Ají negro is a fermented sauce and a traditional Peruvian condiment It’s made by indigenous women from the Huitoto and Bora communities in the Peruvian Amazon. It has probiotic qualities that are so powerful they’re said to extend the lifespans of the people who consume it. The condiment is also produced in parts of Brazil, but there, it’s known as tucupí negro. It’s widely known by top Lima chefs, but outside of South America, no one knows it.

Ají Negro Forgetting About About Ají Negro – the Peruvian Condiment

The reason why most people have never heard of ají negro is the ignorance and shame that surrounds indigenous Amazonian cuisine. Until only recently, people who would visit the village of Pucaurquillo were served canned tuna or spaghetti. Women who produce the black sauce were often ashamed of offering their own Peruvian traditions since the government spent years introducing European-influenced foods to the region.

However, when chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, a top Peruvian chef, and owner of the Malabar and Ámaz restaurants in Lima, Peru, visited the village, he helped the women see the value of their cuisines and traditional foods. In fact, after tasting ají negro, Pedro helped the women produce it to sell it to restaurants.

How Ají Negro is Made

Making Ají Negro In terms of appearance, ají negro looks like a regular condiment. However, the process of making it is quite extensive. It starts by hacking at cassava roots using machetes and pulling up the thick, trunk-like tubers. It’s important to know whether the cassava is poisonous or not. In fact, boiler or cooked cassava can be toxic. There are specific ancient techniques that allow these women to safely ferment it and transform it.

The cassava is washed and peeled raw then soaked in water for a few days. Once the starch is removed from the sieved liquid, the broth is reduced for hours, and then it’s left to thicken for a few days.