Tips From Minimalist Travelers To Help You Pack Light

For the chronic worrier turned traveler, overpacking can be a serious issue. But if you plan to bounce around from location to location, being weighed down with more luggage than you’re using can become a burden. Here are some tips from seasoned minimalist travelers to help you narrow down your packing list.


Think Ahead

Before you pack, sit down and figure out just how long you’ll be gone, then pack a singular outfit for each day. This will help save you from the endless cycle of what-ifs the chronic over-packer always runs into.

Just Bring The Essentials

Most hotels provide basic toiletries for their guests, so don’t waste space bringing your own. Some of the most upscale places will even provide toothbrushes and toothpaste. If you do have to bring your own, invest in refillable travel bottles, which will save you both space and money.

Focus On The Necessities

If there’s something you’re considering packing but aren’t sure if you’ll need it, let it go. Most likely, you’ll be able to buy it at your destination if it turns out to be something you do absolutely need.

Choose Versatile Shoes

There’s no need to bring your entire shoe closet with you, however much you may love it. Choose a just a couple of pairs that will cover all of the activities you plan to do.


Plan To Unplug

There’s a lot of day to day technology you use that you ultimately don’t need to schlep with you on vacation. At the very least, take a tablet over a laptop if you feel you need something more than just a phone.

Try An E-Reader

Even for the most diehard book lovers, an e-reader can make a huge difference when traveling. As much as physical books are preferable, if you read a lot, you’ll save significant amounts of space while still having access to hundreds of books.

Layer Up For The Plane Ride

If you wear your heaviest clothing for the plane ride, you’ll be more comfortable when the frigid AC kicks in in-flight, and you won’t be weighing down your luggage, or taking up precious suitcase space.


Roll, Don’t Fold

Any seasoned traveler knows that the best way to pack is by rolling your clothes, rather than folding them. You’ll be able to fit nearly double the amount of stuff in the same amount of luggage.

Invest In The Right Luggage

Finding the right sized bag to travel with is key. Look for something that will still fit in a plane’s overheard compartment, but can also expand for slightly longer trips.

Write It Down

Keep track over what you need by making a list before you start packing. It’s a good way to stay on top of what you need so you don’t forget anything essential.