Top Things to Do and See in Greenland

It may sound far from the beaten track, but Greenland offers a range of unique adventures to the intrepid travelers out there. Located in the far north between the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, this one-of-a-kind destination is full of thrilling fun adventures and distinctly authentic experiences. Here, we’ve listed a few must-to-do activities, which will give you a wonderful introduction to fascinating Greenland.


For the tourists in Greenland, dog-sledding is a must-do activity, while for the natives, it’s a necessary form of transportation. Without having many roads like in conventional countries, the most used transportation in Greenland is off-road across the icy trails, and that’s why a dog-sled or snowmobile is a necessity in this region. A truly outstanding experience, dog-sledding will give you a chance to embrace the unique Greenlandic landscape while you’re on a thrilling adventure.

Wandering through Ice and Snow

With its all-encompassing importance, ice and snow are what make Greenland what it is. Almost every flat surface of the land here is covered with thick white fluff, along with the houses and vegetation too! To experience the extent of it, take lazy strolls among the snowy meadows and the icy plateaus, or visit the Ilulissat Icefjord. On a lucky day, you can witness nature at work, by seeing a chunk of an iceberg being pushed off the icy sheet by a great glacier, right into the icy water of the fjord.

Meeting the Inuit People

Meeting the natives of Greenland should be an important part of your visit. They are one of the most unique populations in the world, still living in close cohesion with wilderness and nature. Many of them still fish and hunt for a living, and depend on animals like seals and whales for their regular diet. But interestingly, the Inuit people of Greenland are exceptionally social and even enjoy the company of strangers! To get a closer look into their culture, ditch booking a hotel or motel, and opt for renting a room with a local family.

Viewing the Northern Lights

Truly, a trip to Greenland is incomplete without watching the northern lights, aka Aurora Borealis. You just have to show up outside at night and look upwards to see the sky lighting up with strings of magical bright, colored lights. The dark sky gets covered with various shades of lights, ranging from magenta to red to blue to green. Words fall short to describe this once-in-a-lifetime spectacular experience. Book a trip to Greenland between September and April to increase the chances of viewing this incredible phenomenon.

Whale Watching

Not many spots in this world will give you a chance to get as close a look at these magnificent creatures as Greenland. The arctic waters of the region are full of swimming, diving, floating, or spouting whales. So, don’t miss the chance to spoil yourself with a boat trip on the Arctic Ocean in Greenland with your binoculars to say hello to these gentle giants. While hovering on the still ocean on a boat, you’ll probably get to meet a whale or two, breaking the water surface or even swimming alongside your boat!

This Swedish Nature Reserve Lets You Sleep In A Glass-Bottomed Villa

If you love animals, you’ve probably always dreamed of getting up close and personal with these incredible creatures. While there are many ways to do this – like a visit to the aquarium or a safari trip – we bet you’ve never seen anything quite like this before. After all, this Swedish nature reserve lets you sleep in a glass-bottomed villa that has unobstructed views of the animals below.

This Swedish Nature Reserve Lets You Sleep In A Glass-Bottomed Villa

Life In Sweden

When you think of nature reserves, you probably don’t think of Sweden. However, this country has paved the way in terms of its natural beauty, and the Eriksberg Hotel & Nature Reserve has always been about bringing their guests closer to the magic. Although their accommodation options have blown guests away in the past, their newest addition to their family is something that’s even more special.

This Swedish Nature Reserve Lets You Sleep In A Glass-Bottomed Villa

Propped Up On Stilts

Yes, this hotel has recently created a space for their guests that will give them the chance to really see what it’s like for the animals in the nature reserve. That’s because their new SynVillan (Illusion Villa) is propped up on stilts above the reserve itself. The whole villa has been designed with the environment in mind, powered by solar panels, and offering an outdoor jacuzzi for guests to enjoy. As if that wasn’t enough, the outside has been made with a metallic exterior, so it blends into the background. This means that guests can check out the animals below without interfering in their everyday existence. Plus, the high altitude offers unobstructed views of the 925-hectare reserve.

This Swedish Nature Reserve Lets You Sleep In A Glass-Bottomed Villa

There are so many accommodation options in Sweden, but if you’re looking for something truly unique and special, then this may be the trip for you. This reserve lets you sleep above the animals and really understand how they go about their daily lives – and there’s no doubt about the fact that that’s pretty awesome.