Here Are the Top 5 Train Travel Rides You Should Go on in Texas

Trains have recently become one of the more popular travel options across the globe. Train companies and railroads all around the world have made millennials and Gen Zs find a renewed love for this timeless transport, with their luxury offerings, vintage charm, and scenic routes. Here are a few wonderful train rides you can enjoy in Texas, U.S.

Forest Park Miniature Railroad

Dated back to the 1950s, the Forest Park Miniature Railroad takes passengers on a quick but scenic five-mile journey. The train roams through the Trinity Park of Fort Worth and crosses over six bridges along its way. At just 40 minutes in duration, this family-friendly ride is open all year round but with a varied schedule, depending on the ongoing weather.

Heartland Flyer

Train lovers desiring a longer ride can choose to hop on the Heartland Flyer by Amtrak. It travels every day between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth, making only one stop along the way at Gainesville. But this straight-shot journey between two cities has made this longer ride a great one, especially when you can enjoy plenty of unobstructed natural views along the route.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

The Grapevine Vintage Railroad offers a true classic voyage with its 1920s-era Victorian coaches that whisk the visitors away for a scenic ride along the famous Cotton Belt Route. This transport also comes with lavish décor like plush red velvet seats with gilded armrests. The massive picture windows will allow guests to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the route. Open from March-December, the train is also available for private events.

Texas State Railroad

The popular Texas State Railroad offers a memorable ride in a refurbished vintage train car between Rusk and Palestine. Meandering through the picturesque landscapes, the round-trip voyage takes four hours and invites the passengers to relax and unplug. While on board, guests can choose the vintage caboose seating, which is also available to rent for private parties, or can watch the world go by while sipping vino in the glass-domed observation deck.

Austin Steam Train

The historic Austin Steam Train features an HZRX Diesel 3134 locomotive and offers several unique train rides to its passengers. On most of its routes, the train has four service classes, including an adults-only first-class lounge, general first-class lounge, first-class coach, and excursion coach. The Hill Country Flyer is the signature ride of the service. The journey wanders through the Texas Hill Country with a two-hour stop in Burnet for guests to eat and explore.

Choo Choo! These Are The Best Train Journeys In Europe

Europe is full of amazing destinations, but it would take you months to be able to check them all out on foot or even by car. So, why not opt for another mode of transport instead? Europe has amazing rail connections, which means that you can embark on train journeys that take you from country to country, up and down famous mountains, over giant lakes and rivers, and past some of the most famous towns and cities in the world. Yes, these are the best train journeys in Europe.

Linha do Douro – Portugal

Those who want to see more of Portugal will love to hop aboard the Linha do Doura. Traveling from Porto to Pocinho, this train ride won’t take too long, but will still give you the chance to check out the stunning Portuguese coastline. You’ll pass impressive cave, and rock formations, golden sands, and rambling wine estates, and the whole journey will look like something out of a movie.

Venice Simplon Orient-Express – England, France and Italy

If you have always wanted to pretend as though you were a character in an Agatha Christie novel, then the Venice Simplon Orient-Express will seriously pull your carriage. This traditional train journey will take you from England to Venice in around 24 hours, and take you along a sophisticated ride at the same time. From a martini bar to lobster-filled restaurants, this is a hotel on wheels.

Glacier Express – Switzerland

Switzerland is known for its snow-capped mountains, and the Glacier Express allows you the chance to see them in all of their glory. The name is pretty deceiving, though, as this train journey is actually pretty slow – but this just gives you the chance to really take in the amazing mountains, the snowy forests, the impressive ski resorts, and picture-perfect bridges.

If you’re looking to take a train journey in Europe, you just have to add these to your bucket list.