The Best Travel Gadgets You Need To Know About

It seems like every day, a new gadget is announced that promises to change the face of travel but really, how true are all of these claims? We did some digging and think we’ve got a good grip on the tools and tricks you might just want to invest in before that next trip around the world!

Skybud Wireless Earbuds

Frequent travelers are constantly on the hunt for the best earbud technology without all the associated mess of cords and cables. Skybud Wireless Earbuds provide the solution you’re looking for. Using smart technology, the movement of your head interferes less with radio reception than ever before meaning you can feel free to lace up your sneakers and hit the pavement. Small, compact, and able to hold a charge for up to four hours, this is a gadget worth watching.

gadgets- earbuds

Ampware Case

There is nothing worse than running out of cell battery while you’re struggling to read Google Map directions and not having access to a power source. Ampware cases account for this possibility and provide the peace of mind you need. The handy fold out crank on the back of the case allows you to manually power up your phone, just like we’ve seen with LED flashlights for the past few years. The only downside is that for the time being they only fit iPhone 6 and 6S, sorry to the LG users out there.

gadgets- crankcase

CamelBak All Clear

Many of the sicknesses usually associated with traveling come from contaminated water sources, but thanks to the technology behind the Camelback All Clear bottle you can safely venture further afield. The purification system works in just over 60 seconds to clean 0.75 liters of water and comes with a rechargeable lithium battery.


Sandless Beach Mat

Borrowing it’s design from Army technology, this beach mat is totally sand resistant and clean. It’s innovative technology will allow you to fully enjoy your trip to the shore without worrying about bringing half of the beach back with you.

gadgets- beachmat

Ostrich Pillow

Have you ever just really needed a nap but couldn’t find a comfortable, dark place to rest your eyes? The Ostrich pillow might be the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s innovative design allows you to get some peace and quiet anywhere and under any condition. It might look funny but we swear it’s comfortable.

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