These 5 US National Forests Are the Best to Visit in the Fall

You know it’s time to pack your bags and take a fall trip when the trees start to change their colors. People from across the world head out of their houses to take a trip during autumn because of the beauty and the perfect weather. What better way to surrender yourself to nature than visiting the best national parks the country has to offer, right? Well, here are a few you shouldn’t miss out on.

White Mountain National Forest

When planning a hike to get closer to nature, the White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire has to be at the top of the list. Fall here is predicted to be around mid-October and therefore that’s the best time to hit the road here. Spread across 7,00,000 acres of land, you might catch a glimpse of red, orange, and golden mountain peaks. You can also go for a hike here and visit the Cog Railway.

Green Mountain National Forest

Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest is yet another place nobody should miss in the fall. Wooden bridges, villages, and mountain peaks are all covered in Earthy greens. During mid-October, the landscape gets even better. This national park is an overall area of 4,00,000 acres of birches, maples, and hemlock. The longest hiking trail in the country, the Long Trail, is also a part of this beauty. While you’re here, make sure you head to Killington’s Thundering Falls too.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forests

When in Virginia, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson National Forests is where you’ll see the gorgeous fall hitting the mountains in late October. The entire area of 1.6 million acres is covered in beautiful reds and oranges when fall hits. If you’re into hiking, bring your gear and you can choose from the 2,200 miles long trails all across the park. In case you want a quick ride of the forests here, you can also take a motorbike ride at the Narrowback Mountain bike loop.

Shawnee National Forest

With a skyline so breathtakingly beautiful that you’ll be awe-struck, the fall foliage hits the Shawnee National Forest, Illinois, a little differently. In between the last days of October and the early days of November, every leaf here changes to some of the best shades of fall colors. You can enjoy every corner of this place during your hike on the Little Grand Canyon Trail. End your day here at the Shawnee National Forest Cabins.