10 of the World’s Most Beautiful Islands

These Islands From Around the World are the Most Picturesque

Want to go on a trip to a gorgeous island but confused as to which one would be the best? Look no further as we have brought to you the most beautiful islands in the world. Fall in love with these places and the activities they offer, along with their breathtaking beauty.

St. Lucia

Providing a combination of tranquil waterfalls, the picturesque Piton mountains, a stunning coastline, and leafy palms, St. Lucia forms up to be the best choice. Featuring not only land activities, this island is a haven for snorkelers, divers, and hikers alike.

Martha’s Vineyard, US

Also known as ‘The Vineyard,’ this spot has been the IT spot where the most elite crowd from all over the country, including socialites, celebrities, and politicians, among others, have thronged for decades.

Santorini, Greece

One of the most-visited Greek islands, it has stunning sunsets, iconic whitewashed architecture, a crescent-shaped caldera, and awesome volcanic beaches that will always leave you wanting more.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia

Lush rice terraces, postcard-worthy beaches, awe-inspiring temples, and tropical rainforests. What more could you ask for? Bali, an Indonesian island, is an iconic island that is now gaining popularity for adventure, history, and travel enthusiasts as well as wellness-seekers.