This Alabama Island Feels Like a Popular Beach Destination

There is an island in Alabama that is often overlooked by tourists but shouldn’t be because it is an exciting destination that has a lot to offer. The sun shines there most of the year, and the temperature is warm, even during the colder months. This small paradise is actually Dauphin Island. Surrounded by water and connected to the world, the destination has many opportunities for relaxation.

Dauphin Island Is Located In Alabama and Is a Perfect Resting Location

Dauphin Island Beach, Alabama
This Alabama Island Feels Like a Popular Beach Destination

The Dauphin Island Bridge will lead any traveler to the southern shores of Alabama and the reclusive tiny island located across the bay. This beach destination may not be as popular as the Gulf Shores or Orange Beach, but Dauphin Island offers a great beach experience. While there are fewer visitors throughout the year, this is not necessarily a bad thing.

Beaches In Alabama Are Considered Open and So Is Dauphin Island

Before the modern bridge to Dauphin Island was built in 1955, people had to get there using a plane, ferry, or boat. Now, the bridge is the most popular way to reach the place. The accommodations there include a local RV park, beach rental house, hotel, and several island resort condominiums. While prices may vary throughout the year, winter rates are the highest. The island has two public beaches that, just like all other beaches in Alabama, are considered open. Once people get to the sand, there are some 14 miles for fishing, swimming, walking, and other activities.

This Alabama Island Feels Like a Popular Beach Destination

Once tourists arrive on Dauphin Island, they will not need to leave because it offers a variety of amenities within just a short bicycle ride or walk. There are also restaurants that serve seafood, pizza, and hamburgers, and local stores sell beachwear, groceries, souvenirs, fishing supplies, and other items tourists may find attractive. Nature lovers can also enjoy the Audubon Bird Sanctuary, which has marked trails, ponds, sitting areas, and even access to the beach. Dauphin Island is certainly a place where people can easily have a good time.

Estonia Celebrates Shrove Tuesday With Whipped Cream Buns

Whipped Cream Buns

Famously known as “Pancake Tuesday,” Shrove Tuesday is widely celebrated in Christian countries with tons of delicious treats. Much like most Nordic countries, Estonia also has a tradition of people consuming tons of mouthwatering buns with whipped cream on that day. Although the tradition may have its roots in religion, today, it’s seen more of a national custom rather than a Christian celebration.

Weird Old Shrove Tuesday Traditions

Since Estonia has never been particularly religious, the so-called Vastlapäev (Shrove Tuesday) has always been associated with entertainment and the anticipation of spring. Some of the old traditions on this day include sledding and dancing. According to custom, the longer the flax stem used as a sleigh, the more fertile the year ahead will be. People weren’t allowed to start a fire or to spin lamb’s wool on Shrove Tuesday. There were competitions for the best humming top made of pig feet and a number of other odd customs.

There were many dated traditions involving flax as it used to be grown all over the country. For example, aside from sledding, flax was also the main participant in other customs like drinking straight from the bottle to ensure long flax fibers. Since flax is rarely grown in Estonia these days, these were customs gradually left in the past.

Celebrate Vastlapäev Like They Do In Estonia

Whipped Cream Buns Back in the day, the cuisine for Vastlapäev was pretty rustic: boiled pigs’ trotter and a soup of peas and beans. Nowadays, the tradition has evolved to add delicious whipped cream buns that are also known as semla in Northern Europe. Baking this delicious treat isn’t going to trouble more experienced chefs, but if you’re feeling insecure in your baking skills, you can find semla virtually anywhere on Shrove Tuesday. Add caster sugar and feel free to add extra flavors with your favorite jam, and viola! Enjoy it like they do in Estonia.